freedomIn my previous post, I have told you that freedom is one of my top priorities. I gave you some explanations and evidence proving that freedom is crucial for our happiness. In today’s blog post, I want to describe some types of freedoms that exist in our life. First of all, freedom is something relative. What is more, freedom can be understood from different points of view. It is dependent on how a person perceives this concept. Nevertheless, there are still some commonly accepted and recognized meanings of this conception.


Ideological freedom is fully dependant on your individual thinking. Even if you are living is some of the world’s most closed and radical countries, you can still have any ideology you want. Of course, in some parts of the world such as North Korea being ideologically different might be very dangerous for your life. Nevertheless, ideological freedom is something that is hidden from other people. If you do not talk about your real ideology, nobody will clarify who you are. Ideological self-government is also can be called as freedom of thought. Our ideological freedom is something that cannot be forced or destroyed. Of course, our ideology is always manipulated and exploited by government brainwashing, TV, mass media, and other technologies. Even though, if you always think individually and indifferently, nobody is capable of influencing your ideological freedom. If you are forced, you may say whatever people want to hear from you, but at the same time, you can be still faithful and devoted to your real ideology. Ideological sovereignty is something that is not necessarily connected with your activities. You may have a peculiar ideology, but at the same time, due to external circumstances, your actions may contradict your activities.


Religious freedom is one of the most important freedoms we have in our life. Being able to freely obey laws and dogmas of our religion is crucial for our happiness and mental health. Unfortunately, not all countries of the world provide their citizens with religious freedom. In North Korea, any religions are officially forbidden by the state law. As you know, North Korea is the most closed and dictatorial place in the world. Therefore, religious freed is something unbelievable in North Korea. The same thing was in the former Soviet Union. Muslims were not allowed to visit mosques, Christians were forbidden to visit churches, and Judaists could not go to their synagogues. The Soviet government was the only God in that time. People, who were thinking independently, were imprisoned and sent to Siberian camps.

Today, religious independence is more respected and accepted. The USA and the EU are the most tolerate and religiously liberate places in the world. In these areas, people of all religions can openly practice any religion they want. The Middle Asian countries give their citizens less religious liberty. In Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and some other Middle Asian countries, Muslims are tremendously vulnerable. In these countries, men are not allowed to have beards. Shaving is officially obligatory by the state law. Thus, these governments cannot be considered as democratic.

It is very important to live in the place where you can openly practice your religion. If you are living in some of the most radical and tyrannical countries of the world, you must abandon your current region as soon as possible.


Physical freedom lets you freely move around the world. If you are restricted to leave your country or a particular zone, you cannot be considered as a physically free person. In this situation, your physical freedom is limited by distinct borders. Physical freedom is crucial for a person’s happiness and well-being. Even though you are healthy, gorgeous, and rich, without being physically free, you will never feel satisfied. The ability to independently move from one place to another, travel the world is one of the greatest types of freedoms in our life. Those, who have never lost their physical emancipation, will never understand its value.


Financial freedom is something that is very rarely achievable. Have you ever had so much money that you could say that you are a financially independent person? If you had, you must be a very lucky person. Nevertheless, financial freedom will always remain to be a mere dream for many people around the globe. Most of the world’s population is financially dependent on something. It may be a regular daily job, a business that requires your managements and assistance, a husband, relatives, or parents. All of the people, who are dependent on some of the previously things and people, cannot be classified as financially free individuals. Only a regular passive income is capable of making you a financially free person. To be honest, I think that less than 0.5% of the world’s population can be considered as financially free people. Being financially free means being able to do whatever you want, going wherever you want, visiting whatever you want, using and buying whatever you wish. Financial freedom is something that is extremely rare in our life.


Emotional freedom is something that is very hardly ever recognized by philosophers. Being free from any types of emotional attachments is crucial for our happiness. When you are in love with someone, you are not free. A lovely wife, a family, children, relatives, parents, friends, and many other things may cause loss of your freedom. If you have some strong emotional feelings to people, to a particular place, an idea, you automatically lose your emotional freedom. Being an emotionally free person means being unattached to anyone and anything in this world. This is the best condition of your mind and soul. What is more, every traveler should learn to be an emotionally free individual. International travel is impossible if a personal has no emotional freedom.


Being sexually free means being able to make sex with anyone you wish. If you are a lesbian, gay, transgender, swinger, BDSM fan, your must be sexually free in order to satisfy your sexual inclinations and desires. Unfortunately, only a few regions of the world are sexually free. Most governments of the world restrict and limit their citizens in their sexual options and choices. A person cannot be happy if his sexual life is not satisfying him.

There are loads of other types of freedom. I did not intend to mention all of them. It would be a very long narration if I try to do that. To fully describe and explain all types of freedoms that exist in our life, it is necessary to write a big book. For now, these 6 types of freedoms will be sufficient for your comprehension. Follow my future posts. Further, I am going to cover this topic in scrupulous details.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.