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sex in bangkokBangkok is definitely one of the most popular cities on a playboy’s map. Bangkok is the capital of Thailand. It is the most populous city in the kingdom with a population of over 8 million. Bangkok is a sex city that attracts millions of tourists every year. It is definitely the most beloved city by backpackers, global nomad, international freelancers, and travelers. Sex travel in Bangkok is a truly unforgettable experience. In this sex guide, I will provide you with the most thorough and deep tips and recommendations on how to find the hottest girls for sex in Bangkok. Hold tight, follow my tips, and your sex travel in Bangkok will be absolutely amazing. 

Thailand is a Buddhist country with very liberal and democratic looks towards sex. Be it men or women in Bangkok, everyone is very open-minded and accepting. Sex is not a taboo in Bangkok. There are a lot of gays, lesbians,  bisexuals, and ladyboys in this big and populous city. The abundance of lust and sex in Bangkok will leave you amazed. 


Girls in Bangkok are very open-minded and simple. These girls don’t resemble picky Western girls who will be obsessed with a man’s financial status, his car, education, and other materialistic stuff. Thai girls pay foremost attention to your looks and personality. This is why you won’t need too many flashy things in order to impress Thai girls in Bangkok. Be handsome, polite, and honest. Only these qualities are needed to seduce Thai girls for sex in Bangkok. 

On the other hand, I do not refute the fact that there are loads of gold-diggers and freelance prostitutes in Bangkok. I think that 70% of the girls you meet in Bangkok will be mainly interested in your money. This is why you will quite often see fat and ugly American men with cute and gorgeous girls in Bangkok. If you are handsome and flirty, you will definitely get laid in Bangkok even without spending any money on girls there. Otherwise, if when you are a fat and ugly dude, the money will be the only thing that could attract girls in Bangkok to you. 

Girls in Bangkok are very positive and flirty. Whilst women in Western countries are usually very depressed and busy, girls in Bangkok, are kind of hedonistic and always very positive. Thailand is called ‘The Land of Smiles’. This is absolutely true. Girls in Bangkok love smiling and laughing. They are very emotional and tender. 

Sex in Bangkok is very easy and affordable in terms of time and money. Sex in Bangkok is surely more available than anywhere around the world. First, Thai people have a very sexual mentality. Second, sex tourism is the main source of the kingdom’s income, and therefore, it encourages liberal sexual behavior. 

Thai girls are very attractive. When it comes to their bodies, they are usually very slim and well-shaped. In Bangkok, you won’t find any curvacious women with huge butts and boobs. However, if you are into slim girls with tiny waists, then Thai girls will definitely satisfy your taste. What is more, keep in mind that there are loads of mixed Thai girls. these women are truly gorgeous. 


If I was giving you some tips on how to pick up girls in other cities than Bangkok, I would definitely give you some exact places. When it comes to Bangkok, I tell you: “Pick up hot Thai ladies everywhere: Girls in Bangkok have a very open-minded mentality and culture, and hence, they are always ready for new acquaintances. Wherever you are in Bangkok: a metro, a street, a bus, a cafe, a park, talk to local girls absolutely everywhere. Thai girls are the easiest women in the world. You have big chances to have sex with a girl you have just met the same day. This is why you should use absolutely every chance to get a new Thai girl in your bed. 


shopping malls in bangkokWhen I say that shopping centers are ideal to pick up cute girls, this sounds especially true when we talk about Bangkok. Usually, local girls come to malls in Bangkok just to hang out or also pick up some handsome tourists. Don’t think that the population of Bangkok mainly consists of poor people. This is not true. There are loads of immensely wealthy families. Daughters of rich daddies usually visit shopping centers for shopping.  Picking up a rich girl in Bangkok might be your lucky day. Here is the list of the best shopping malls in Bangkok to meet the most beautiful and sexy Thai girls. 

  • Siam Paragon, Siam. This is a truly huge and luxurious mall with loads of exclusive boutiques in it. You will usually come here to meet rich Thai girls for sex and maybe a serious relationship.  Nearest BTS station: Siam.
  • Central Embassy Shopping Mall, Pathum Wan. This is also one of the most expensive shopping centers in Bangkok also known as “Central Empty”. Nearest BTS station: Ploenchit.
  • CentralWorld, Siam. It is the biggest mall in Thailand. Here, you will meet all types of Thai women. Be it a middle class, upper class, or anyone else, all Thai girls hang out in CentralWorld. Nearest BTS station: Both, Siam and Chidlom.
  • Terminal 21, Sukhumvit Road. This is a mall with a lot of brand apparel, restaurant and cafes offering international and local food.  Open: 10AM – 22PM. Nearest BTS station: Asok.
  • EmQuartier, Phrom Phong. This shopping mall is specialized at selling luxurious items. Open: 10AM – 10PM. Nearest BTS station: Phrom Phong.
  • Seacon Square, Prawet. This is a shopping center with more than 420 stores and cafes. I bet a variety of Thai ladies hanging out here is really huge.  Open: 10.30AM – 9.30PM.
  • Siam Discovery, Siam. This is a shopping center with a very unique interior and design which makes it one of the best places to find cute girls for sex in Bangkok. Open: 10AM – 10PM. Nearest BTS station: Both, Siam and National Stadium.
  • Siam Center, Siam. This shopping center features more than 250 Thai and international brands.  Nearest BTS station: Siam.
  • MBK, Siam. It is one of the cheapest shopping centers in Bangkok. Usually, loads of tourists visit it to buy cheap clothes, products, and souvenirs. Nearest BTS station: National Stadium.
  • Platinum Fashion Mall, Pratunam. This shopping center is specialized in fashion and designer items. Open: 10AM – 10PM. Nearest BTS station: Chidlom.
  • Pantip Plaza, Pratunam. If you want to meet girls who buy or interested in electronics, then, come to Pantip Plaza. Anyway, there are a lot of places in the mall to have some fun with sexy local girls in Bangkok. Open: 10AM – 9PM. Nearest BTS station: Chidlom.


nightlife in bangkokIn Bangkok, it is very easy to get laid during the daytime. During the nighttime, you will get laid with no efforts. I suppose that 80% of local girls in Bangkok love partying. Among this huge amoung off women, you will definitely get to know with loads of them every night. Of course,  nightclubs are the best places to find sexy girls for sex. However, remember that there are a lot of streets, bars, and cafes where voluptuous Thai girls hang out too. This is why you shouldn’t restrict yourself by nightclubs. Visit different places to meet different girls in Bangkok. Here is the list of the best nightclubs in Bangkok. 

  • Levels Club & Lounge, 6th Floor of the Aloft Hotel, No.35, Sukhumvit Soi 11, Sukhumvit Rd. This is a nightclub in a European style. If you miss clubs of Ibiza or Berlin, then, come to this place to pick up some hotties. Levels Club does not allow: Flip flops, Sandals, Caps, Shorts, Sportswear.
  • MIXX Discotheque, located in Ratchaprasong area of Bangkok in the basement of the Intercontinental Hotel and adjacent to Gaysorn Plaza.
  • Ce La Vi (formerly Ku De Ta), is s nightclub on a roof on the 39th floor of the massive Sathorn One Building. Drinks here are very expensive. However, if she is not a gold digger, then, she is a woman with a rich family, or she has a good income. The view of the terrace is absolutely gorgeous as well.

Royal City Avenue (RCA) is one of Bangok’s largest entertainment avenues. Located on in Huai Khwang district, RCA is a long street located between Rama IX Road and Phetchaburi Road. The avenue has loads of nightclubs, bars, pubs, and restaurants. RCA which is a government-designated area is frequently visited by young people. Here are the best clubs located in RCA.

Route 66
Live RCA
The Overtone Music Cave
Baroque Club
Love Boat Club
Dude Nightclub
T.D.C. club


Khaosan Road or Khao San Road is the most popular area among tourists, travelers, and backpackers. This means that local girls hang out here too. If you want to meet foreigners, where would you go? Right, you would go to the places where they regularly visit. Khaosan Road is one of them. It is a short   410 meters long road in central Bangkok. Even though the road is very short, it contains an immense amount of low-budget hostels, hotels, bars, restaurants, and other places for tourists. There are always some types of parties going on the street. If you want to find female tourists for sex in Bangkok, then, this is a place to go. As mentioned before, local girls like hanging out here too. Hence, you can kill two rabbits with one bullet.


It was never as easy to find girls for sex as it is today. Nowadays, you don’t need to go anywhere in order to find women for sex. Just download a dating app on your mobile phone and search for hot girls in your desired location. The same thing works in Bangkok. You can use either Tinder or Badoo in order to find some gorgeous Thai girls in your districts. When you find them online, make an appointment in a cafe or a nightclub, buy them some alcoholic drinks, and everything is done. You will end up in one bed by the end of the night. 

Bangkok is partying 365 days a year. It is an Asian version of cheap Las Vegas. Although gambling is illegal here and there are no casinos in Bangkok, you will always have a lot of entertainment here without spending or wasting much money. Bangkok will live forever in your heart. Don’t forget to write about your plans and travel experience in Bangkok in the comments below.

Written by Bahtiyar
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