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sex in cambodiaCambodia is situated in a neighborhood with Thailand, Nepal, and Laos. Even though Cambodia is a very close neighbor of Thailand, these are absolutely different countries. If you think that Cambodia is a sex paradise like Thailand, then, you are deeply mistaken. Sex in Cambodia is not that easily achievable as it is in Thailand. Though Cambodia's society is more conservative with regards to sex, you still will be able to enjoy sex tourism in Cambodia if you know what exactly to do.

Cambodia has a 15 million population. it is quite small if we compare the country's population with big states. For example, Cairo and Istanbul have more than 15 million people than whole Cambodia. Even though Cambodia is considered as the least developed Asian country in the world, it's tourism business is growing really exponentially. Over 6 million tourists visit Cambodia every year. This huge flow of international tourists attracts billions of dollars to the country. Tourism is indeed the biggest business industry in Cambodia. Keep in mind that the majority of male tourists come to Cambodia for sex tourism. Even though Cambodian society is not as liberal as Thailand's, you can still have a high-quality sex life in Cambodia. Cambodian prostitutes and non-working hot Cambodian girls will always satisfy your sexual desires.

In general, Cambodia has democratic and liberal views on sex. Influenced By Buddhism, people believe that every person has the freedom to do whatever he wants as long as his actions do not harm anyone. Thus, Cambodia has a positive position towards LGBT, gay sex, lesbians, and transgender people. At the same time, you should remember that   Cambodia was under communistic rule for a long time. Those long years of hard dictatorship somehow influenced people's believes and life positions. In any communistic government, sex is treated as evil. This is why you will find the older generation of Cambodian people to be more reserved and less liberal. In Cambodia, you will find that attitudes toward sex vary from one city to another. Phnom Penh is the center of sex tourism and prostitution in Cambodia.  Even though prostitution is illegal in the country, you will find loads of brothels and bars with freelance prostitutes. Sex in Cambodia flourishes since it is one of the most lucrative sources of the country's income.  Just like in Dubai, the Cambodian government is aware of the sex industry. However, it can't shut it down, because sex travel and prostitution attract millions of tourist every year. It is said that sex tourism in Cambodia attracts more than 600 million dollars every year. This is why shutting down this golden source would be suicide for the government budget. 


I found out that a third of the Cambodian population consists of teenagers aged between 10 and 22. The number of teenagers in this Asian country is tremendously high. I think that we won't be able to see such a big ratio anywhere around the world. Teenagers have sex on a regular basis. There are a lot of straight, gay, and bisexual teenagers in Cambodia. Buddhism tolerates sex very positively. This is why young teenage girls have absolute freedom when it comes to their sex life. At the same time, virginity is still kind of precious in the Asian country. 


Due to a high birth rate among teenagers, the Cambodian government started large sex education campaigns. In schools, students are learning about contraception, STDs, AIDS, and other sex-related themes. Even though the quality and quantity of sex education programs have significantly increased, the birth rate among teenagers is increasing as well. STDs is also among the major problems of Cambodian society. No doubts, sexually educated people are less likely to catch STDs rather than someone who has no idea about these things.


LGBT community has a liberal life in Cambodia. Though LGBT is not as popular and welcomed in this country as it is in Thailand or the Philippines, members of LGBT can live safely in this country. At the same time, there is still some discrimination in more conservative groups of the society. As in all South Asian countries, gay sex is very prevalent in Cambodia. Nonetheless, you will never see open propaganda of gay lifestyle in this Asian state. Transgender people are not much popular in Cambodia. 
The Cambodian government realizes that the world has already turned into a global rainbow, and therefore, it openly expresses its liberal and democratic position toward LGBT. Without tourism, Cambodia's budget will die. Millions of tourists feeding the government. Since tourism is the country's most lucrative source of income, the government is doing everything in order to attract as many tourists as possible regardless of their sexual orientation, religion, race, and nationality. 


cambodian girls for sexWe talked a lot about prostitutes in Cambodia. Now, let me give you some awesome recommendations on how to find hot Cambodian girls for sex. Cambodia is not a Muslim country. Buddhism is a very liberal religion. The liberalism of this religion makes Cambodian women very open-minded. They don't have any rubbish in their heads regarding paradise, hell, sins, and etc. This is why sex is not a taboo here. At the same time, you should understand that women don't let you get them too quickly since it might compromise their reputation in your eyes. Whatever religion, society, or country it is, promiscuity is never praised. Therefore, be a little bit more patient if you want to seduce and have sex with Cambodian girls. Yes, Cambodian prostitutes are available at very low rates. However, if you really want to enjoy the real taste of Cambodian girls, you will have to choose among non-working Cambodian women. Since you are a foreigner, I bet most of them will be glad to date you. Remember that Cambodia is the poorest country in Asia. This is why almost every Cambodian girl dreams fo getting married to a rich Western man who will take her to a developed Western country. Hence, you have really great chances to get laid in Cambodia. Good LUCK!

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