Undisputed Truth by Mike Tyson


Undisputed Truth by Mike TysonMike Tyson is surely one of the greatest boxers of all time. His lifestyle, flamboyancy, and cockiness always attracted a lot of public attention. Yes, this man has made a lot of mistakes. I like his frankness and honesty. ‘Undisputed Truth’ by Mike Tyson will tell you a lot about this bright personality. 

‘Undisputed Truth’ by Mike Tyson is an internationally bestselling autobiography of the heavyweight champion. While reading the book, you clearly see that the narrating style surely belongs to Mike Tyson himself. Of course, some professional people were helping him to write, produce, and market this book. But the narration in ‘Undisputed Truth’ undoubtedly belongs to Mike Tyson. The book tells a lot about Mike’s ss childhood, his mothers and her lifestyle, his childhood hobbies and experiences, first encounters with street crime, box, fame, and all other things. We all know something about Mike Tyson, but mainly, our knowledge is made up of different rumors and myths. For example, a lot of people claim that a teenage Mike Tyson knocked off someone in a street fight, and then, these boys brought him to a boxing gym, and this is how his encounter with boxing started. I heard this story a lot of times. Even Firas Zahabi mentioned it on someone’ss podcast. This is false. In reality, Mike Tyson’s first encounter happened in a prison for underage criminals. We know nothing about Mike Tyson. This book is very captivating, interesting, and informative. In some places, it is grim and sad. On other pages, you will laugh non-stop. This autobiography represents the very life of Mike Tyson which was a mix of fame, success, popularity, and a lot of failures. 

For me, ‘Undisputed Truth’ by Mike Tyson was a great read. This is surely one of the best autobiography books I have ever read. Mike Tyson is not great. He hadn’t done anything great for the world and humanity. But nonetheless, his life and his personality deserve a lot of attention. His life worth making a movie or TV series. The book is very readable. It feels like you are chatting with Mike Tyson while reading this book. 

I highly recommend this wonderful book to everyone.  Whether you like Mike Tyson or not, this work will tell you a lot about the formation of a personality under different circumstances, environments, situations, and pressures. Fans of Mike Tyson will surely fall in love with this book. This is a stunning autobiography which is both very entertaining and informative. 

Written by Bahtiyar
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