stressStress is a well-known mental state that visits us from time to time. Some individuals are susceptible to chronic stress. Actually, stress is a common thing all of us have in our life. In normal levels, stress is beneficial. It keeps us motivated. Abnormally high levels of stress may lead to dangerous consequences.

Stress is caused by a hormone called as cortisol. Hunger, physical, mental, psychological, physiological tiredness, and many other things can trigger the release of cortisol in our bloodstream. It is absolutely impossible to have no stress at all. Normal people always have some levels of stress. Even small children have some stress. Only a drug user can fully get rid of his stress for several hours. Thus, stress is unavoidable. At the same time, there are loads of effective ways to avoid elevated stress levels. In this blog post, I will tell you about some of them.


Physical exercises are very beneficial for a person's overall physical and psychological health. What is more, heave physical exercises such as weight lifting release testosterone which is responsible for the sense of well-being. At the same time, spending much time in the gym can negatively impact your cortisol levels. It is not advised to exercise in the gym for more than an hour.


There are loads of scientific studies that have shown the positive impact of reading on improving a person's mental health. It is said that after 15 minutes of reading, the level of cortisol drops down to 40% of its initial amount. Hence, reading destroys 60% of cortisol in the bloodstream. I am sure that reading is the most effective way to fight your stress.


Our stress is usually caused by over-repeating events and things happening in our boring life. When everything is the same day by day, there is no doubt that you will be always very stressed. A continuing stress usually leads to a depression which is a more severe form of stress.

From time to time, it is absolutely necessary to change your place of living. Living in the same area, communicating with the same people, working in the same place, and doing other things just the same as you have been doing it for several years will lead your state of mind into a deep boredom.

Start visiting new places, travel, and make new friends. Finally, revive your boring life.


Sex is one of the most favorite things we all love doing. The world is built on sex. Also, sex always sells. What is more, having sex on a regular basis can be a very good treatment of stress. If you are married, you can start having sex with your wife more frequently. If you are single, you will need to find a girlfriend to have a regular sexual life.


Eating something delicious food releases a large portion of dopamine into your bloodstream. As you know dopamine is a neurotransmitter of pleasure. Thus, dopamine is the antagonist of cortisol. More dopamine means less cortisol, and accordingly less stress. Eat more, and eat healthily. Do not overeat since overeating has disastrous consequences.

We have different hobbies, interests, and favorite things. Hence, we know what makes us happy. Try sticking to the things that improve your mind, and avoid all the stressful situations that make you feel uncomfortable. This is the best strategy to fight eliminated levels of stress.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.