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index backlinksAll of us know that backlinks building is crucial to an overall success of our SEO campaigns. Search engines use different ranking factors. Google uses more than 200 ranking algorithms. Yahoo and Bing use several thousands of dissimilar algorithms in their ranking system. Though there are loads of different factors that influence our websites’ rankings on SERPs, high-quality backlinks are still the most important and powerful among them. All of us realize the importance of backlinks building. At the same time, only a few of us know that backlinks building is not enough to make them work. You can build millions of high-quality dofollow backlinks, but if they are not indexed, none of their link juice will pass to your URLs. Thus, backlinks building consists of two important stages. Firstly, you need to build high-quality backlinks, then, you will need to index them. Without being indexed, your backlinks will be absolutely worthless. In this blog post, I will give you some effective recommendations and tips on how to index backlinks.

Amateur SEOs confuse backlinks indexing with backlinks crawling. Backlinks indexing is always performed by search engines. None of the SEO companies can index your backlinks. Neither can they guarantee that your backlinks will be indexed. Backlinks indexing services make and force search engine bots to crawl your backlinks. This is the only thing they can offer you. SEO companies are incapable of controlling or influencing search engines’ indexes. Therefore, we should not confuse and misunderstand these different concepts. We can only try to get our backlinks indexed. We are unable of doing something more than that. There is no a single company in the world that can guarantee you 100% indexing of your backlinks. Nonetheless, there are still some tools that will increase your chances of getting your backlinks indexed. Here are some of the most powerful tips that will let you index backlinks.


This is the best thing you can do in order to get 100 % of your backlinks indexed. Getting backlinks from authoritative and reputable websites is the best thing one can do in order to get his backlinks indexed. If you get 100 of backlinks from The Huffington Post, The Washington Post, CNN, Forbes, and other major media giants, I bet that 100 % of the backlinks will be indexed within a day. When you get backlinks from reputable web resource, you will not need to ping or index them by using specialized SEO tools and services. Usually, high-quality web resources update their content every hour. Therefore, search engine bots crawl these websites very frequently.

There are many different ways one can get backlinks. Black Hat SEO techniques are very popular nowadays. I never used them and I do not suggest using them. Usually, shady backlinking tools and services build thousands of low-quality backlinks on spam websites. In the results, the majority of these backlinks do not get indexed. Even if they are indexed, they will not give any link juice to the websites they are pointing at. What is more, using these Black Hat SEO technologies may get your website penalized. If this happens, your web resource may get totally deindexed from SERPs.

Getting backlinks from reputable web resources is the easiest and the most effective way to index backlinks. While building backlinks on high-quality websites, you will forget about pinging, manual indexing, and other staff. After you built your backlinks, you will relax and wait till they skyrocket your rankings.


Since merely waiting for your backlinks to get indexing is a sole waste of time, you will need to do everything in order to get your backlinks indexed as soon as possible. As I told you, getting backlinks from reputable websites is the best thing you can do in order to get 100% of your backlinks indexed very quickly. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to get backlinks from highly authoritative web resources such as Business Insider, Mashable, ProBlogger, and others. Therefore, it is very unlikely that Google bots will index the majority of your backlinks. What is more, I am not even sure that search engine bots will crawl all of your backlinks. In some rare cases, you might get 50 % of your backlinks indexed. It can be the best result you should hope to get. Mostly, less than 30 % of your backlinks will be indexed for sure. Thus, the majority of your backlinks will be absolutely worthless.

For all of the above-mentioned reasons, it is necessary to use specialized backlinks indexing services. Without using them, you will never succeed in SEO. Solely building your backlinks is not enough to make your web resource authoritative. If you do not index your links, they will not add any link juice to your URLs. Fortunately, by using specialized backlinks indexing services you can get up to 95 % of your backlinks indexed in a very short period of time. These services use different technologies to force search engines to crawl your backlinks. In the result, the majority of your backlinks will be indexed in a very quickly.

I have tested different link indexing services and tools. Some of them are Indexification, Backlink indexer, Instant Link Indexer, Onehourindexing, Linklicious, and others. Some of them give good results. At the same time, none of these services are free. If you want to use them, you will need to pay a monthly fee which is not cheap. For this reasons, these services will not be available for beginnings bloggers whose budget is very limited.

A few weeks ago, I got acquainted with a link indexing called Link Centaur. This is the only backlinks indexing service that offers you professional indexing services for absolutely free. What is more, I found Link Centaur to be the most effective link indexing service on the Web. Link Centaur is much quicker than Linklicious, Indexification, Onehourindexing, and others. For example, with Indexification, I had to wait for several hours and even days to get all of my backlinks indexed. What is more, these services were always giving me different errors so that I had to start indexing my backlinks from the beginning. Links Centaur functions perfectly. Its functions are fully automated. Once you have added your backlinks, you may relax. Every morning, I insert thousands of my backlinks to Link Centaur. In evenings, I open my Link Centaur dashboard and see all of my backlinks crawled and indexed. After that, I check my Ahrefs dashboard and some other SEO tools and see that all my backlinks got successfully indexed. Link Centaur is an incredible link indexing service. Link Centaur offers its clients different plans. With its most advanced plan, you will be able to index up to 1 million backlinks every day. It is a tremendously powerful link indexing tool.

If you want to get your backlinks indexed very rapidly, you will definitely need to use specialized link indexing services. The Web is filled with different SEO offers. Therefore, you will find it difficult to find the best link indexer on the Internet. I recommend using Link Centaur. It is the cheapest and the most effective link indexer on the Web.


twitterAs I have mentioned above, you will find that the majority of your backlinks come from unknown and unpopular websites. Therefore, it is very likely that Google bot does regularly not crawl these web resources. For this reasons, it might take a lot of time to get your backlinks indexed. If you want to get your backlinks very rapidly, you will need to post them on reputable websites. One of these resources is Twitter.

Make a list of the URLs you want to get indexed. Then, post them on your Twitter account. Usually, search engines crawl Twitter all the time. Hence, your backlinks will be indexed very quickly. On the other hand, using Twitter for backlinks indexing might not be suitable if you have big numbers of URLs to get indexed. For example, if you have 80 K backlinks, posting them on Twitter will be an absolutely ridiculous idea. This option will be appropriate if you have dozens or several hundreds of backlinks needed to be indexed.

On the other hand, Twitter has billions of users who generate several millions of tweets every single minute. Therefore, Twitter is overloaded with data. Search engine bots crawl only the most important parts of the Web. Thus, the biggest part of Twitter is not indexed. If you have some valuable backlinks you need to get indexed for sure, it is preferable to use professional link indexing services such as Link Centaur.


Pinging is one of the most popular ways to let search engine bots know that your pages have been updated. Pinging invites bots to crawl and index your backlinks. To be honest, I treat link building very seriously. Therefore, I do not trust online pinging tools. While pinging your backlinks on the Web, your pinging tool will show you that your URLs are pinged. Online pinging tools do not show whether your backlinks are crawled or not. This is the main disadvantage of pinging. Usually, it is necessary to ping a URL several times so that a search bot crawls it. If you have thousands of backlinks, you won’t be able to ping each of your URLs more than once. For these reasons, pinging is not the best option you can use.


You can open a free blog on such popular Web 2.0 platforms like WordPress, Tumblr, BlogSpot, LiveJournal, Weebly, and others. Once you have opened a blog, you will need to post all your backlinks on a page. Once your page is published, you should submit a sitemap. Thus, within 2 or 3 days, all of your backlinks will be indexed. At the same time, using a blog on Web 2.0 platform is not the best solution when you need to index thousands of backlinks. You will insert each of your URLs manually, and therefore, it will take a lot of time to publish all of them. Web 2.0 platform blogs are good for indexing small amounts of backlinks. If you need thousands of backlinks to get indexed, it will be better to use professional indexing services.

These are some of the popular options webmasters use to get their backlinks indexed. Some of them used to work several years ago. Today, their functionality is questionable. Accordingly, I would like sticking to professional indexing services. I never trust Twitter, pinging tools, and other unreliable tools. I treat my blogging business very seriously. My blog is my business. It is not a simple hobby for me. Hence, while building backlinks for my website, I will always rely on trustworthy professionals who will get 100 % of my backlinks indexed.

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