web traffic key to wealth

web traffic key to wealthWhat are the differences between a successful website and a website that failed? All of us perfectly know the answer to this question. We can self-assuredly say that a successful website has a lot of web traffic. On the other hand, loser websites have a lack of web traffic. This is the main difference between a successful web resource and its antonym. When we say ‘successful’ blog, we mean a money-spinning blog. A blog that makes no money is never considered to be a successful blog.     Web traffic is the main factor that lets us make money using our personal blogs. A blog with no web traffic is absolutely impotent.

The power of web traffic is definitely infinite. Imagine if you have a million of visitors on your blog every day. There are so many things you can do. If you have millions of visitor on your blog every day, you are already a millionaire. Aren’t you? You can even become a billionaire with such a huge amount of web traffic on your personal website. All of the online entrepreneurs are looking for web traffic. Millions of the websites are dedicated to web traffic, SEO, Social Media Marketing, and other traffic-driving web tools. Millions of bloggers spend their days writing high-quality content in order to attract some web traffic to their blogs. It is said that content is king. I want to rephrase this saying and say that web traffic is king. Traffic is king, and content is a prince. These would be more appropriate definitions of these two words.

This post is not similar to other blog posts on my blog. Most of my articles give practical recommendations and tips. In this post, I will not do the same thing. Right now, I want to dream a little bit. This is a quite theoretical blog post. I will turn on my fantasy and imagination. I hope it will be a tremendously interesting and exciting read.


1 million visitorsThe most important and common why millions of online entrepreneurs chase traffic is because web traffic can make us rich. This is absolutely true. Founders of Google are already billionaires. Even though their website has absolutely no content, they became billionaires in a very short period of time. Google is visited by millions of people every day. Most of Google’s visitors use Google several times a day. Currently, Google is number 1 in Alexa’s global traffic rank. This is the most visited website on the Internet. So, am I right by saying that web traffic is king? I am sure all of you agree with this saying. Thus, web traffic can make you rich. This is the first and the most important advantage of web traffic. All of us chase it for this purpose. All of us want to become tremendously wealthy. All of us envy Google’s founders. What is more, web traffic can make us extremely rich. With millions of visitors on your website, you can even become a billionaire. You will definitely find loads of option to monetize your website when you have at least millions of unique hits a day.

Let us make some calculations. There are loads of monetization tools on the Internet. Let us start from Adsense and other ads networks. Imagine your blog is getting 1 million unique visitors every day. To monetize it, you cooperate with as a minimum 3 major ads networks. Adsense will be one of them. For every thousand of unique impressions, you earn 1 dollar. Every single click gives you 1 cent. Thus, you have no less than 10 ads banners on your homepage. Moreover, each of your pages has 3 ads banners on it. Right now, I will make some calculations. 1 million impressions on your homepage where 10 ads banners are placed will give you 10 000 $ every day. At least 10 % of your visitors will click once. Thus, you will get 100 000 clicks every day. Hence, 100 000 clicks will give you 1000 dollars a day. Let us calculate the ads inserted in your blog’s pages. A good blog has at least 3 different ads banners. If each of your readers reads no less than 2 posts, every visitor will give you 6 more impressions. In the result, 1 million visitors will give you additional 6 million of impressions. These 6 million impressions will give you extra 6 000 $. Finally, only ads will give 17 000 $ every day. Every month, you will earn 510 000 $ simply through the ads placed on your blog. In a year, your ads profit will be 6 120 000 $. With 1 million of daily users on your blog, you will become a millionaire within two months. Keep in mind that I used a minimal number of ads on a blog. In addition, I did not consider potential profit earned through affiliate marketing. With 1 millions of daily visitors on your blog, you could make tons of money through affiliate marketing. In my estimation, your monthly revenue would be equal to several millions of dollars.

In 2015, the number of Internet users was near to 3.5 billion. What would happen if you had more than 1 million of visitors on your blog every day? You would become a fantastically wealthy person. All the rich rappers, pop stars, Hollywood actors would be considered as poor comparing with your wealth.

Web traffic can make you indescribably rich. The only thing you need to do is to learn how to attract as many people as possible to your website. If you learn how to do it, you will become very rich.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.