My blog is new in the network. I was preoccupied with other kinds of online enterprises. Blogging is said to be one of the most difficult ways to make money online. There is a great multitude of different factors that make blogging the worst money-making tool on the Internet. I have already made a six-figure profit launching other types of online enterprises, and therefore, I did not intend to blog in order to make money. If you read articles from famous bloggers, you will find that all of them suggest you not to blog if you want to make money. That is true. Blogging can be potentially very profitable and perspective, but it is not the easiest and fastest way to make money online. Online trade is more profitable and less time-consuming business on the Internet. However, blogging has several advantages over other online activities. I won’t explain to you the benefits of blogging in this article because I think that there are already loads of different resources that write about blogging. Usually, I strive to avoid writing about blogging. Let me tell you about my personal conclusions I have made during one month of regular blogging.


That is the first conclusion I made about blogging. You need to write good and original content. There are loads of stupid people who merely copy someone’s materials and then paste them on their own websites. I do not respect these people because I appreciate other people’s work and efforts. Usually, these thieves do not have any success.  Copying and pasting are very simple but I am not a fan of them. There is no single article on my blog that was copied from other blogs. I do not even read other blogs to find myself new blog post ideas. I generate them in my mind. All my writing is absolutely original and unique. I spend lots of hours every day to write my posts. Every single article is not less than 1500 words, and thus, I spend a lot of time to write a single post. Hence, I spend at least eight hours of everyday blogging. I can tell you that I have already become a full-time blogger. I do not know any other thing on the Internet that may demand more time than blogging. You may spend your whole day blogging and you will end up with six or seven good blog posts.  If you want to become a blogger, be ready to spend a lot of time in front of your computer. Being preoccupied with your full-time job won’t give you an opportunity to generate good content.  Being a professional blogger is much more difficult than blogging as a hobby. I do not intend to make a profit from my blog because I already have enough money to enjoy my life. I do not have a regular job because I have a regular passive income. Thus, I can dedicate all my time to blogging. I can tell you that I really like it and I enjoy writing.


Every blogger has a blogging niche. I write about different things. These topics are self-development, money (online business, entrepreneurship, and everything that is connected with commerce), sex, and travel. These niches are interesting for me and I have some knowledge and experience in all of them. That is how a person chooses his niche. If you like parrots and you know how to educate them, you may prefer to start blogging about parrots. If you are a fan of cars, you can start writing about them. The process of blogging will be very enjoyable.

You need to have knowledge in order to blog. When you blog, you share your knowledge and experience with your readers. Consequently, you need to know something in order to share some information. So what does usually happens when you have already told and written everything you know? A blogger may feel absolutely empty and exhausted in this situation. You start understanding that you need to learn something new if you want to continue blogging. Our internal database is not infinite and there is no doubt that one day you will have nothing to share with your readers. On the first day of your blogging activity, you may easily write 15 posts. The next day you will continue at the same speed. Finding ideas to blog about is not a problem, at the beginning of your blogging career.  After two weeks of daily blogging, you realize that it has become very difficult for you to find something to write about. That what usually happens with people who generate new content on the Internet. Content thieves do not have such problems. They merely steal some ready material and paste it on their websites. I wish these thieves disappear from the online market.

Blogging requires new knowledge and information. You need to learn new things in order to blog. This is one of the main advantages of blogging. You are motivated to enhance and develop your knowledge when you are preoccupied. Every professional blogger divides his working day into two parts. He dedicated the first part of his working day to learn something new and enlarge his professional experience. The second part of his day is dedicated to writing and sharing his knowledge with his readers. The same thing happens when you review something. You definitely will need some time to test your products and then you will need some free hours to share your review with your readers. Blogging develops your personality. You need to read much if you want to be a professional blogger.

Generating new textual content is not the easiest task and it requires a lot of effort.


Let me be honest with you. I thought that after a few days of daily blogging I will be exhausted. I expected that I would give up blogging. I have not been blogging for several years, and therefore, I am not able to make any serious conclusions regarding my steadfastness. I may give up blogging after a few months. Yeah, I am not sure that I will continue it. However, today I realized that my character is very appropriate to become a good and a regular blogger. I find it very easy for myself to spend at least 7 hours every day in front of my PC and blog about different things. I am an introvert and this may be one of the reasons why I find it so trouble-free for myself to blog without stopping. I think that after some time I will really love blogging and become one of its most passionate fans. The pleasure of being able to express your thoughts and opinions is really incomparable with anything else in this world. The ability to reach millions of minds by a single blog post impresses and pleasures me very much.

These are the main conclusions that I have made after a month of regular blogging. I decided not to dedicate too many articles on blogging. There are specific blogs that write about blogging and I do not want to repeat their theme. Further, I may share some blogging experience with you.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.