refund eBayThere are a few people who have faced this problem. You may make a refund by mistake. What are your next thoughts? You will do everything to get your money back.  PayPal seller protection does not cover this problem. So PayPal won’t be responsible for this issue.  Here are some tips to get your money back to your PayPal account


I had some technical problems with PayPal and therefore I was unable to withdraw or spend my PayPal funds. I wrote several messages to PayPal customer support and it advised me to make refunds and then ask my buyers to send the money via other online payment services. I didn’t like this idea and for a long period of time, I tried to fix technical problems on PayPal. Finally, I gave up and decided to issue refunds to my buyers. I did it. What is really disappointing in this story is that at the time when I issued refunds, my PayPal problems were completely fixed, and I was able to make payments, shop on different online stores using my PayPal. So what were my next thoughts? I wished I didn’t make these refunds. Anyway, everything was done and what I need now is to get my money back. I didn’t want to disturb my buyers. I explained to them the problem and asked them to return the money back to my PayPal. Fortunately, all my buyers were honest people and I received all the money back to my PayPal.  

This is the best way to have your money back. Usually, people will understand your problem and situation.


If your buyers are ignoring your request, you may report the problem to PayPal and they may help you. There may be some ignorant buyers who will tell you that this is not their problem and they don’t care if you made a refund by mistake. If they do so they are right, because they have done their part. They paid the money for the purchase and now you are returning that money back by mistake. You may face such answers. What should you do in this situation? Try to fully explain your situation to your buyers and ask them to understand you. Write them a couple of messages on PayPal, eBay, and to their personal email address. If some of them do not answer your messages and are completely ignoring you, you still have other methods to get your money back. This option is PayPal support service. Write a message to PayPal or call them and explain the whole situation. Ask PayPal to remind your buyers that they need to return the money back. PayPal will send them several reminders and messages with requests to send the money back to your account. This is what PayPal can do in this situation. As I have said, PayPal seller protection does not cover this situation. If your buyers ignore your messages and PayPal, you won’t get your money back. PayPal won’t do anything more than sending a couple of messages and reminders to your buyers. Most of the online active people have heard about PayPal’s strict terms and policy. All of us have heard horrific stories when PayPal freezes accounts without any explanation and etc. Usually, your buyers are also aware of these potential problems with PayPal, and therefore they will send the money back to your PayPal account. Ignoring PayPal may be dangerous for someone, who makes a long-term business, and does not want to lose his business.

I hope you will never face these situations and you won’t need the above-mentioned tips. If you are in a trouble and you want to get your money back, implement my methods and I hope all your problems will be resolved.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.