the-benefits_of_readingeBay is one of the biggest online trade centers in the world. Thousands of people make a living selling and buying on eBay. If you want to establish your own business on eBay you must have a personal commerce strategy and you have to be aware of eBay rules and its policy. I propose you not to start selling on eBay if you don’t know its habits and terms. You may be influenced and inspired when you see your first sales but there are some things that may happen to you in the future. You may have read about them in different forums and blogs. In this article I will not discuss this topic I will only guide you to build your own business strategy. Follow my lead. 


Seller ID is your name displayed to buyers and other sellers. You may call it a nickname or however you want. Well, your ID does not matter much. However, it is the first thing you should pay attention to. I have seen hundreds of sellers who have ridiculous and silly IDs but they sell thousands of products every day. Choose a serious and presentable ID that fully represents your business. If you decided to have a specific niche and sell only products that are included in this niche you should set the name of your niche in the ID. For example, if you sell only shoes you may set your ID as glamorous_shoes, leather_shoes, best_shoes, or anyhow else. If you will sell a different kind of item then do not specify any niche in your ID. I hope it is clear for you how to choose your right ID. Usually, buyers tend to treat seriously someone who has a serious ID. If you have already picked yourself something and you aren’t satisfied with your ID you are able to change your ID anytime you wish.  


It is better to link your old PayPal account. PayPal suspects new accounts and you may have some technical problems with PayPal because of it. Use trusted and used PayPal account. Link your bank to the PP account and you may also link your cards. Some people don’t like providing PayPal or eBay with their bank information. If you are from this group let me tell you that you don’t have any choice. You will need to withdraw your future money from PayPal and the only way to do it is to link your bank account. If you aren’t the US or EU citizen check your country in the list of countries that can receive money from PayPal. Some countries can only send money via PayPal and receive money is restricted for them. If your country is included in the list of these prohibited countries I give you good advice to forget about trading on eBay. Do not even try to trick the system by inserting fake addresses and phone numbers because you may lose all your funds. In my next posts, I will teach you some tricks which will help you to avoid some eBay and PayPal restrictions but they are not 100% effective. They will be 100% efficient if you don’t encounter any technical problems with PayPal and no one even PayPal members can’t guarantee you this. Follow my next posts for more information.


Remember that at the beginning of your business on eBay your first goal should be building positive reviews and trust. Forget about any profit at the beginning of your business. I told you to list very cheap products because you should mainly aim at the number of items you sell. The more products you sell more positive feedbacks you will receive from your buyers. eBay and PayPal suspect every new seller as a scammer and therefore you will have particular limitations until you deserve their trust. Positive feedbacks are proof of your honesty and punctuality. Therefore, in the beginning, your goal must be building a positive rating. 

Every cent you receive from your buyers will be in your pending balance for 21 days. That means that you won’t be able to withdraw or spend your money for 21 days. This time is required for PayPal to be assured that you have shipped the item and your buyer has successfully received it. If during 21 days your buyer reports a problem with you, PayPal won’t release your money. There are some rules to avoid such limitations. Your account must be enough old and you must have received 25 positive reviews from your buyers. When you receive 25 positive reviews your PayPal funds will be available to you as soon as you receive them and you may use them in your further trade business. The best and the fastest way to reach it is to sell as many cheap items as possible. Why do I suggest you sell cheap things? Firstly, cheap products are sold promptly because a buyer does not need to have many funds to buy them. Secondly, you won’t have to make big investments to start your business on eBay if you sell cheap things.  

These were the fundamentals of trading on eBay. Wish you good luck!

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.