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travel luggageTraveling is a wonderful hobby. I love and enjoy it. On the other hand, you might suffer because of your trips if you don't organize it well. No doubts, every foreign trip should be well-organized. From booking a good hotel to packing to your travel luggage, your should oversee absolutely everything in order to enjoy your travel. In this awesome blog post, I will give you a couple of good tips on how to pack your travel luggage.

It is not necessary to put your whole wardrobe in your travel luggage. No matter where you go, our life is temporary. What is more, our travel journeys are more temporary than our life. Therefore, keep in mind that you will definitely spend only a limited period of time in every place you visit. Only God is eternal. Therefore, for your temporary travel visits, I will suggest you a list of must-have things in your travel luggage. I hope it will be very helpful.


t-shirts and jeansT-shirts and jeans are universal clothes. You should never forget to pack them in your travel luggage. You can wear t-shirts a year around. I wear them in summer. In autumn, I wear t-shirts under a light jacket. In winter, sometimes, I also wear t-shirts under my overcoat. No need to say that t-shirts are perfect outwear in spring. Jeans are even more universal than t-shirts. You can wear them a year around as well. What is more, they are very comfortable. They will suit sports, casual, or even classic styles.

I'd definitely put at least fifteen t-shirts and five jeans in my travel bag. When you go to hot travel destinations, you will definitely sweat a lot. Therefore, changing t-shirts every day is absolutely mandatory. Jeans will fit any weather you encounter. Whether it is tremendously hot or cold, jeans will satisfy your needs.


I am very selective when it comes to underwear. I buy it online. I would never wear a cheap and low-quality underwear. It should be made of good cloth. If I go traveling, I am not sure that I will find a good store where I can find some high-quality underwear. Therefore, I would put at least ten couple of underwear in my travel bag.

Sometimes, I change my underwear several times a day. No need to say that in very hot weather it will be necessary to change them several times a day. At least, I never wear the same underwear two days. I change them very frequently. I recommend you doing the same thing. Change them as frequently as possible. Hence, I recommend packing dozens of good underpants in your travel luggage.


slippersBath shoes must be in your travel luggage. No matter where you have your shower or bath, you will always need to wear your own shower slippers. Even if I was showering in Savoy hotel, I would never wear the hotel's shower slippers. I prefer having my personal bath shoes wherever I travel. Finally, bath slippers must be included in your travel luggage.


laptop an cameraNo doubts, in nowadays travel, a camera and laptop must have a special place in your travel luggage. I would never visit a foreign country without having a video camera and a laptop. Firstly, my business is based on the Internet. Therefore, a laptop is the most important tool in my work. Without it, I am isolated from my money sources.  A photo and video camera should be always with you. It is cool to capture and record your travel adventures.


If you are a sportsman, bodybuilder, or a simple fitness enthusiast, you should definitely pack your fitness accessories in your travel luggage. Gym gloves, different bands and straps, fitness watches, shakers, and other fitness stuff can be packed in your travel bag. Usually, these things are very small. Therefore, they won't require much space in your bag.

These are the things I would surely pack in my travel bag. It is not a good idea to have too many things in your luggage. We should be mobile and light during our international journeys. You can put whatever else you want in your bag. However, don't forget to include the above-mentioned must-have things!

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.