browser paypalPayPal has restrictions for some countries. Some countries can send but cannot receive payments, and some of them are absolutely restricted from using PayPal to send and receive any money. If you are reading this article, there is a likelihood that your country of living is included in the list of PayPal restricted countries. I understand your situation and the level of frustration in your soul. No one can blame or confine you just because you were born in a particular country of the world. You want to make business using PayPal as millions of people do. I am here to help you. There is an easy way how you can avoid PayPal boundaries for yourself. If you are using Google Chrome browser go here, and install ZenMate for Google Chrome. After you have installed it, you will see ZenMate extension on the right upper side of your Chrome browser, click it and register an account at ZenMate. When you are successfully registered, you may use ZenMate and easily change your location, your IP address. The free version of ZenMate will let you choose among four locations: USA, Germany, Romania, and Hong Kong. Click USA location and go to, register an account, insert a fake American name and address. After your registration is completed, you will be able to use PayPal to send and receive money. Every time before you visit PayPal, you should change your location to the USA. You may also use other famous proxies like safeIP etc. It does not matter whether you use ZenMate or something else, just be sure that your proxy works correctly.

Written by Bahtiyar
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