fake name paypal accountIf you use a proxy to enter PayPal from different countries to have a full access to all PayPal functions, sometimes, you may enter a fake name. When someone uses a fake address and telephone numbers, it is more likely that he will also use a fake name.

Having a PayPal account with a fake name will not harm you until you face particular problems that may cause you some very big troubles. There are millions of people who use PayPal every day, and consequently, it is impossible for the PayPal staff to manually control everything happening in their online payment system. They are too busy, and therefore, PayPal is fully automated nowadays. The system uses special algorithms to identify some actions as a potential fraud, scam, or just a high-risk operations, or transaction. You may be very honest, but sometimes, some of your actions may be very suspicious to the PayPal system. For example, if you access your PayPal account from different IPs, different browsers, different countries, you wrongly enter your password, or you withdraw all the money that exists in your PayPal account. All these actions may seem very suspicious for the PayPal system. Using a fake name does not harm you unless you face some technical restrictions from PayPal. If you frequently do the above suspicious actions, PayPal may block you from accessing your account, and then, request your passport scan to prove your identity. I have already faced this problem, but fortunately, I did not use a fake name on my PayPal account. You can be blocked anytime. Every time your actions seem suspicious for PayPal, you have great chances to be blocked. Do not confuse account access limitation with account suspension. I don’t mean that PayPal will suspend your account in a moment. You have to make something more suspicious to have your account completely suspended. When I was entering my PayPal account from two different Internet browsers and IP addresses, suddenly I received a message from PayPal stating that my access is limited and I won’t be able to access my PayPal account until I prove my identity. I sent PayPal my passport scan, and in 24 hours, my access was recovered. So let us imagine the same situation if I was using a fake name on PayPal. What would happen to me? Could I prove my fake name? Of course not! So imagine yourself using a fake name, and one day, your PayPal account access is limited until you prove your fake identity. You may have hundreds or even thousands of dollars in your PayPal. Once your access is limited, you will never get that money. You will lose that money the same day you lost your access to the account. No one will help you! You may write thousands of messages to PayPal support center but they will either ignore you or refer everything to the PayPal terms and policy. Well, if you are able to prove your fake name by providing them with a fake passport scan which has the same name you specified in your PayPal account, you may get the access back. But I strongly doubt that you will manage to do it. If you rely on PayPal customer support, so let us imagine a situation. You write or call them, and say: “Hello PayPal, I used a fake name to register my account, and now, after my access is limited, I cannot prove my identity!” Sounds very funny, right? PayPal will do everything to ignore your issue since you ignore their terms and policy by registering accounts with fake names. All your money will be gone!

As you see, using PayPal account with a fake name is not the best idea. Well, if you want to be a risky guy, test your luck and destiny by continuing using your PayPal account with a fake name. Always be ready to lose your money! Wish you good luck! 

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.