enjoyPleasure is a tremendously abstract word. I am not able to give an exact definition of this word. In general terms, pleasure is a high sense and feeling of well-being. Also, pleasure is a very objective and relative term. In philosophical expressions, pleasure can be discussed forever. Comparing to the feeling being tortured, your time without pain can be described as pleasure. In this situation, you will definitely enjoy every second of your time without pain. Therefore, I cannot identify pleasure as a high sense of happiness or euphoria. Nonetheless, discussing the exact meaning of pleasure is not a topic of the current article.

If the identification of pleasure can be somehow tough, nobody will argue that there are several types of pleasures. There are emotional, physical, spiritual, and maybe moral pleasure. While talking about sex, we usually have emotional and physical pleasure. Therefore, to guess who enjoys sex the most, men or women, we will need to look at how women and men feel during sex.

No doubts that women and men are emotionally and physically different from each other. These differences lead to how men and women tolerate and approach different things. Both men and women enjoy sex. However, they feel it differently.

Now, let us look at the things that are responsible for our emotional and physical feelings during sex. Our emotionality is driven by our psycho-type, hormonal system, and different neurotransmitters. Physically, women and men have different genitalia. Male and female sex organs have different nerve endings. Now, when cleared what makes sense in emotional and physical feelings, let us clarify, who enjoys sex more, women or men.


No doubts, women are more emotional than men. They are also more emotionally expressive than men. This is nature. Women were made to be emotional. This high emotionality gives them a high level of empathy needed to raise children and do many other things. Men are usually less emotional than women. Men have rational and logical thinking. Women’s emotionality dominates their rational thinking.

Logic and rationality are not much important in sex. Being unemotional makes a person lose all emotional pleasure of sex. If a person has no emotions (he is a schizoid type), he will not emotionally enjoy sex. More emotions – more emotional pleasure in sex. Since women are much more emotional than men, it is logical to think that women have more emotional pleasure in sex than men do.


In sex, all body parts are involved. Of course, while having sex, our toes, ankles, and many other parts of our bodies do not get that much physical stimulation as our sex organs get. During a sexual act, a woman’s belly is not that intensely stimulated as her vagina. Nonetheless, touches, kisses, and caresses give pleasure to all parts of our body.

We know that nerve endings are responsible for our physical feelings. If you stick a knife in your brain, you won’t feel any pain since the brain has no nerve endings. Neither will you feel any pain while cutting your nails and hair since they are also free of nerve endings. Thus, nerve endings are responsible for senses of pleasure, pain, itching, and many other feelings.

It is well known that clitoris has more nerve endings than the head of a penis. The vagina is covered by millions of nerve endings as well. Thus, female sex organs have more nerve endings than male sex organs. This means that women get more pleasure from genital sex than men. Women have thinner skin than men. This makes women more sensitive to physical stimulation all over their bodies.

Finally, I can conclude that women enjoy sex more than men do. Of course, this analysis is not exact. From person to person, everything might vary. Some men enjoy sex more than any of women.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.