why beautiful people have more daughters book


why beautiful people have more daughters book‘WHY BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE HAVE MORE DAUGHTERS’ is a book about human nature. The book was written by two scientists A. Miller and Satoshi Kanazawa. Unfortunately, Allan Miller passed away before the book was finished. Nevertheless, he has contributed to writing a big part of this wonderful scientific masterpiece. In the book, two evolutionary psychologists explain our life. Their opinions are mainly based on evolutionary psychology, biology, and medicine. The information in this book is quite accurate. However, I would never fully depend to evolutionary psychology. Psychology is not a science in fact. Psychology builds its conclusions basing on unstable assumptions, predictions, and analysis. Nonetheless, I found the book very informative, interesting, and captivating.

‘WHY BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE HAVE MORE DAUGHTERS’ will give you answer to such interesting questions like ‘Why Are Diamonds a Girl’s Best Friend?’, ‘Why Does the Baby Have Daddy’s Eyes but Not Mommy’s?’, ‘What Do Bill Gates and Paul McCartney Have in Common with Criminals?’, ‘Why Are Single Women More Likely to Travel Abroad – and Why Are Young Single Men More Likely to be Xenophobic?’, and many other. Sex is the most influential motivation in both women and men. Thus, you will see that sex is behind all of our actions. I liked the book very much. Recommended reading!

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