hate psychologists


hate psychologistsDo you like psychology? I like it and I think that it is very useful and practical science. It covers all the sides of our life. You do not need to have a professional psychological education in order to be a good psychologist. Some people have a natural talent and a deep insight that help them in their observations. Psychology is extremely interesting science. People rule the world. Emotions and feelings rule people. Being a good psychologist is a great skill. There are particularly personal and humane qualities required to be successful in this field. Having good psychological skills may be very helpful for you, but keep in mind that there are loads of people who dislike and even hate psychologists. Let me tell you that I love psychology as a science but I don’t like psychologists. I do not like communicating with them. There are many significant reasons why some people dislike specialists of this profession. 


This is a great problem. People are very communicative creatures. We cannot live without any communication. Make some experiments. Lock yourself in your flat and do not communicate with anyone for a period of two or three weeks. You will see how will your psychological and mental health change. You may even have some mental problems if you stay alone for a long time. We need communication. That’s our nature. When we have some problems, we need to speak with someone and share our feelings. If our communication is emotional, we will be satisfied. 

Do you think that communication with a psychologist will benefit you? Yes, it may benefit you but you should keep in mind one thing. When you speak to your friend, he will sincerely understand your situation. Communication with a friend will surely help  you and you will feel comfortable. Do not expect to have the same result while talking to a psychologist. Psychologists are people with a specific type of mind. Usually, they are less emotional than other people. These specialists are sensitive but they are not emotional. In order to understand someone, you need to be extremely sensitive. If you do not have this quality, you won’t be a good psychologist even if you study much. I know a lot of psychologists and all of them say that it is necessary to be born a psychologist. I agree with this saying. The psychologist will carefully analyze your situation and try to give you some psychological help. They won’t act like your friends. A psychologist will deeply study your case. He will be honest with you and sometimes even may tell you the things that you will dislike. 

Communication with a psychologist is impossible. They are very intrusive. Sometimes they ask many private questions and they do not care about your privacy. They may ask you about your sexual life and finances. Psychologists need this information in order to deeply analyze your problem. Thus, your communication won’t be stress-relieving. Oppositely, it may add you more stress and you definitely won’t be satisfied by your conversation. These people are very clever and they won’t resemble your friends. Sometimes people feel very uncomfortable with insightful individuals.

One of the most significant reasons why  people dislike psychologists is because it is impossible to have a simple humane communication with them. They cannot speak without making an analysis or use different psychological words and terms. These sophisticated observations make a simple humane conversation exceedingly difficult. Your friend may be very delicate and he will avoid asking some questions. A psychologist won’t do it. He will ask everything he wants to know. He may ask such questions: “How much money do you earn?”, “Do you make a cunnilingus to your wife?” etc. They may ask you some questions about your childhood and something that you don’t want to remind yourself. Why do we strive to be punctual and delicate? We avoid asking a number of questions because they may hurt some sensitive people. Am I right? Psychologists do not care about it. They ask everything they want. If you blame them for their vulgarity and unpoliteness, they will tell you that they need that information.

This is one of the reasons why some people dislike or hate psychologists.


That is true. A psychologist has some knowledge which lets them identify your personality, character, temperament, and initial motivations. They look very deeply into the main reasons for your actions and decisions. Their knowledge makes them feel superbly and sometimes they unconsciously put themselves above their surroundings. No one respects and loves proud people, and therefore, psychologists are usually disliked and sometimes even hated. I had a girlfriend who was interested in psychology. She was not a professional psychologist but she had some qualities that let her be very insightful. She has read lots of different psychological books. Let me tell you that communication with her was extremely difficult. She always used to look at my gestures to identify my mental condition. This was really annoying for me. A person cannot  relax if someone carefully observes him. It is really maddening. That was not a big problem for me and continued my relationship with her. It may be Ok when a woman tries to be a psychologist in your relationship. I mean if you are patient enough, you will be able to continue your attitude. The real problem appeared when we had our first sex. It was the worst sex in my life. I was so shocked by the fact that she remains to be a psychologist in bed. It was really terrible. No emotions, no sexual excitement. I never had such a terrible sex in my life. Do you know what was the most annoying thing? She continued asking me her stupid psychological questions in bed. After our first sex, I stopped having any relations with her. She was calling on my cell phone but I was ignoring her. That what may happen if you have a relationship with a psychologist.

Psychologists are scientist, and therefore, it is necessary for us to understand that these people were created for a specific purpose in this life. They aim to resolve your psychological problems. They may be absolutely unfit to be your best friends, lovers, or girlfriends. I suggest you to avoid any communication with these people if you are not looking for some psychological help. Do not intend to make a friendship with them or to have a simple humane communication. These people were created for a different reason, and as I have already told you, they may not suit you if you want to have a simple, pleasurable conversation.

Written by Bahtiyar
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