women with small butts


women with small buttsWhen it comes to selecting a potential life partner, a lover, or a soul mate, both men and women are very picky. We pay attention to a person's face, body intellect, style, and many other factors. Different people are attracted to dissimilar details and elements of the human body and face. At the same time, it is no a secret that we love butts. Straight women love male butts, men love female butts, lesbians are into female butts, gays are into male butts, and bisexual people love sexy and attractive butts of both sexes. A person's buttocks contribute a lot to the overall level of his/her attractivity. 

This blog post is for both men and women. This article will help men understand why they must stay away from women whose glutes are small. Also, it will help women with small buttocks understand why they shouldn't be intrusive when it comes to personal relationships. If you are a woman with a small butt, and a man whom you like isn't much attracted to you, you should just give up. Don't spoil your life and the life of this man. It is important to understand why women with small glutes are not like women with juicy and voluptuous butts. If you are a woman and your butt isn't small, this article will give you additional information and knowledge. You can always teach your brother, your son, or just your male friend why he has to avoid women with small butts. I hope this will be the most beneficial blog post you have ever read. Finally, here are the main reasons why men must stay away from women with small butts.


A small, flat, and tiny butt is not sexy. Women with small butts aren't sexy. When they wear jeans, their glutes are invisible. They look like a flat door with a head. Small glutted women need to have their butts pumped very intensely so that they look a little bit sexier. A woman with a small ass looks like an old history teacher. Just like that thin granny who taught you that Brutus killed Julius Caesar. 

Here is what will happen when you date or marry a girl with a small ass. First, you will have severe erection and libido problems. Nobody is aroused when they see bones instead of juicy glutes. You will meet her and feel that you have no desire to have sex with her. On your wedding night, your penis won't be hard, and as a result, your family life will start with a fiasco in sex. Later, you will get annoyed with her flat butt walking in your house or flat. If you want a sexy wife, you should stay away from women with small butts.


I know several men who got serious injuries while having sex with women whose glutes were very small. One of these men got his balls completely smashed (in the doggy pose) and ended up in an ambulance that night. Another man received a big femoral hernia (a hernia near your penis) while penetrating a small glutted woman in the doggy position. I know loads of other men who got serious injuries in the areas of their bellies, torso, and hips. Sex should bring you pleasure and make you healthier, but not the opposite. 

If you want to be healthy and enjoy sex without any serious injuries, you should stay away from women whose butts are tiny and flat. You don't want to penetrate a skeleton and get your balls smashed by her protruding bones. This is what happened with those men who were having sex with ladies whose buttocks had a very small amount of muscles and flat. Their bones injured the above-mentioned men. Stay away from women whose glutes are small to preserve your health. 


It is not a secret that our societies are obsessed with big, beautiful, juicy, and full glutes. They just look natural, sexy, seductive, and attractive. Oppositely, we dislike women whose glutes are small. Ladies with small butts are perfectly aware of this fact. They have a very deep and serious inferiority complex due to the fact that their glutes are flat. This is almost like a severe psychological trauma. Instead of going to a fitness gym, make special glute exercises and grow their butts, these ladies embrace feminism and deceiving themselves with that 'women are perfect in all shapes'.

I have explained to you why women with small glutes have an inferiority complex, psychological traumas, and lack self-confidence. Right now, let me tell you what will happen if you start dating women with small butts. First, you will always have a lot of disagreements, problems, and quarrels. It all will be caused because of the lack of confidence in your girlfriend. She will insist that you have sex in complete darkness so that her tiny glutes are invisible. Also, she will hate the doggy position. You will want her from behind, but she will make scandals and quarrel with you because of this. Sometimes she will cry for no reason while you are watching a movie together. She will see an actress with big and juicy buttocks, and it will provoke negative feelings in her. Thus, at all costs, you must stay far away from women whose butts are small and flat. 

These are some of the main reasons why every man must stay away from women whose butts are small. Blogs are created so that bloggers and other people can freely express their opinions. People have different preferences, and consequently, they all have different opinions. These were my thoughts on women with small butts and why men must avoid them. Nobody should be insulted or offended. If you somehow disagree with me, write down your disagreement and I will reply to you. 

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.