women must pay for men


women must pay for menI am not a man from the manosphere who advocates for men's rights. At the same time, I have loads of interesting thoughts that I love sharing with the world. Traditionally, men always pay for women. This is how we were taught to do at schools. The knight culture is seen as an etalon of male behavior. On the opposite side, we are living during unique times. Nowadays, thanks to smart books and male rights advocates, men became more self-conscious. We don't let women exploit us anymore. In loads of developed countries such as the USA, Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the majority of European countries, couples pay their bills separately during lunches, dinners, and other occasions. 

These are good changes and very beneficial innovations. However, I am sure that women must pay for men. It is their obligation and duty to pay for men's bills. Be it food bills, rental bills, clothes and accessories, new tools for a car, or anything else, women must cover their men's financial expenses. I believe this practice will make the world a better place. Here are some reasons why women must pay for men. 


Men are those who initiate communication with women. Men do the first step when a couple doesn't even know each other. Men invite women for dates. Men initiate phone and chat conversations. Men must give gifts to women without any reason, but women should give gifts only on holidays, birthdays, and other special occasions. Men make women the marriage offer. Men pay for the wedding. Men prepare and organize the place where a new couple will live. Men do everything. Men are givers, and women are receivers. 

There is no need to prove that there is no equilibrium in the relationship between women and men. Men are givers, and women are addicted to receiving. If a man spots something wrong in this tradition, his woman blames him: "You are not a real man!" There is no holy book, a religion, or a law that obliges men to do everything. 

Instead, everything must be different. Women must pay for men everywhere. It is the first date – women must pay for the petrol used to drive to a cafe or a restaurant. Women must pay lunch and dinner bills. If a boyfriend calls her a lot and chats thereby spending a lot of Internet traffic, his girlfriend must pay his Internet bills. A couple decided to visit a museum, a park, some entertainment attractions, women must pay entrance fees as well as for food and snacks. Ok, a wedding is coming. Women must take their boyfriends to a boutique, buy them new shoes, new suits, pay for everything, and prepare their future grooms for the wedding. It is a wedding. Women must pay for the wedding party, food, and all other expenses. 

I believe that if women always pay for men everywhere, the equilibrium will be reestablished. During the days when women and men were living in caves, there was no work, nor business. Women couldn't physically find sustenance, and therefore, this work was on men. Nowadays, everything has changed, and therefore, women must pay for men. In a world where men are givers, this new innovation will rebuild the equilibrium in relationships. 


You will agree that women are spoilt by our modern cultures. The cult of princess and queen spoils every generation of women around the world. Men have to be knights who serve their queens and princesses. This habit makes women morally degraded. They stop studying, learning new things, and develop spiritually. Since they know that men must obey, submit, and worship women in all situations and circumstances, they have no motivation to develop. This is why our generation of women is the least intellectually developed in the whole history of the world. 

When women pay for men, it will make them more down to earth. When they see that men won't pay for them anymore, they will understand that they aren't that great and awesome as they imagine themselves. It will make them more down to earth. Women will start improving their moral qualities, characters, and worldviews. When women are good, kind, and generous, newly married couples will be more stable and long-lasting. 

Look at the world now. Men are spoiling women everywhere. This brings intellectual and moral degradation to women's lives globally. Men must stop paying for women. Instead, women must pay for men everywhere. This must be practiced everywhere for the benefit of women worldwide. 


Look at modern women nowadays. They look like artificial anime, barbie-type dolls. Ugly, unnatural, with tons of makeup, today's women think too much of themselves. Why is this happening? This is happening because modern women have too much money. This financial affluence makes women look unnatural, and in some cases, even ugly. 

Look at Kim Kardashian's butt. It is the ugliest butt in the world. If she wasn't that rich, she would implant all this garbage in her buttocks. As a result, she would have a naturally-looking, attractive and sexy butt. Her money made her ugly.

Look at Donatella Versace. She is famous, popular, and immensely wealthy, but look at her face. She is one of the ugliest women in the world. May God preserve all of us! Amin! The woman isn't naturally ugly. All the plastic surgeries she made with the help of her money, made her look as she looks right now. This is a downside of having everything available. 

If we make women always pay for men, they will have no spare money for all these tons of makeup they are buying every month. If a man brings his wife or a girlfriend to Tom Ford boutique and says: "Honey, I want these 500$ sunglasses!", his woman must pay for it. If she spends 500$ this month to buy her man this gift, she won't have spare money to implant something dangerous in her lips. The next month, her man must take her to Moncler boutique and choose a coat that costs at least 1000$, and his woman must pay for it for the sake of her beauty! 

If women pay for men, ladies of this planet will look more natural and beautiful. We will have fewer artificial female monsters in this world. 


Women always deceive and manipulate their men. For women, a man is an obedient puppet who was created to be ruled by them. This is happening for loads of decades and even centuries. Women treat men as fools, stupid idiots, and horny animals. Some women think that if they use the power of their vaginas, butts, and breasts, even the most intelligent men will get under their influence. I have shown them that it won't work with a wise man like me. 

Let me explain to you why men will be less deceived if women pay for men. What is women's most powerful weapon? It is physical beauty. Men are attracted to women because they find them seductive, beautiful, cute, and pretty. Women achieve this effect with the help of expensive makeup. Believe me, the majority of women are ugly without makeup. Even a cat will run away from a woman who doesn't wear any makeup. One of my friends said that he didn't recognize his wife on the day of their wedding. She had so much makeup on her face that it completely changed her looks. 

Is makeup a form of deception? Exactly, women deceive men with makeup. Most men are deceived by the fake looks of their women. Further, they regret marrying them when they see their wives without any makeup. In the previous sections I told you that if women always pay for men, they will have no money for makeup, cosmetic surgeries, augmentation of lips, butts, breasts, and other fake stuff. Poor women look more natural. This is why we must make women in all countries of the world pay a lot of money for their men. This is how we will get rid of makeup money. Consequently, women will always look natural. If she is ugly, a man will clearly see his ugliness. If she is cute, she is cute without makeup. Men will be less deceived, and accordingly, the percentage of divorces will decrease. 

As you have seen, we live in a wrong world where men make women worse by spending on them. Instead, everything will get better if women start spending a lot of money on men. For the benefit of humanity and themselves, women must always pay for men!

What do you really think about this topic? Do you feel like everything should remain to be as dumb as it is now, or we must change this issue with money? Do you think women must spend more money on men, and men must insist, and somehow persuade their women to spend more on them? Share your opinion in the comments below.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.