This online course was created by a famous seduction, pickup, and relationships guru – Bahtiyar , who is also the founder of one of a tremendously popular blog Bahtiyar World. This is a unique online course which will transform your personality, and teach you how to seduce women globally.


Seduction is the game of minds, and you can prevail only if you are intellectually equipped with all the necessary brainy weapons. Intellectual seduction is the key!


Female psychology is like a very complex software. If you don't know how it works, you will make a lot of mistake and damage it. Get to know female thinking and psychology!


Women are extremely visual. If you want to seduce women with easy, you ill need to impress them with your looks. Forget all the silly PUA stuff, it doesn't work that way!


The art of seduction is a very sophisticated science. Don't hope to seduce women with the use of specific words and sentences - these are fairy tales.


This course is not a silly PUA course which promises fantastic results with women with minimum results. No, Womanizer promotes an intellectual approach to seduction. Seduction is the game of minds, and only the smartest will prevail. This course will transform you intellectually, mentally, and psychology. This transformation will let you achieve great success in life, business, and personal life.


I don’t believe that beautiful compliments and words can seduce every woman you meet. No, women are extremely visual. Your appearance makes a powerful impact upon your success with women. First, when you look great, you will feel more self-confident and bold. This state of mind will let you achieve new heights in all spheres of your life.  


Before you even start approaching women, you should learn and understand female psychology Even though women and men belong to the specie of human beings, you should understand that women think, feel, and behave differently. The software in their brains is programmed in a different way. That’s why it is absolutely crucial to understand female psychology to build successful communications and relationships with women.


Playboy lifestyle is a dream of almost every man in the world. All men want to be attractive, rich, seductive, elegant, healthy, and have as many women as possible. Men are polygamous, and family-life doesn’t suit them the best. This course will provide you with all the necessary knowledge, information, tips, and strategies to seduce women more effectively.


In seduction, men rely mainly on money, and in the result, they have two negative outcomes: they waste a lot of time and money, they don’t achieve desirable results. This happens when a man relies on wrong things. Yes, women love money, but it doesn’t mean you should get broke. This course will provide you with the most effective seduction strategies that will save your time and money.


When you buy this course, you will get my personal Whats App number, and you can contact me whenever you need a lifestyle, personal development, health, or seduction advice. Of course, it is not personal coaching, but I will be very glad to give you some good recommendations on how to improve different fields of your life. 






"This is a life-changing online course. I became more self-confident, more competent, and definitely more successful with women. The best online course ever!"
Jeremy Randall
"This is much more than a pickup online course. This course seriously impacted my life. If you want to upgrade your life 100 levels up, then, this is the course to choose."
luke cunningham
"I always had success with women, but this online course seriously leveled-up my seduction skills, and improved my life. Now, I am a real devil in the seduction game"
"Very detailed and thorough explanations of female psychology, types of women, different styles of approaching, and finally seduction strategies. Great personal-development tips as well."

How much money would you pay to drastically improve and transform your life? I bet your life is the most daring thing to you, and yet you are wasting it by not living to the fullest. My knowledge, wisdom, and professional expertise will fully transform your life!

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Bahtiyar is a successful online entrepreneur, blogger, online marketing expert, and professional seducer. He is famous with his popular male blog Bahtiyar World which publishes content on the themes of travel, sex, relationships with women, business, and personal development. Also, Bahtiyar is the founder of an international digital services company Bahtiyar Digital which has offices in 6 developed countries.

Nowadays, there are a lot of charlatans around the world who teach fake seduction science (PUA). Also, there are people who claim to be seducers (in reality they hang out with models who get salaries). Dan Bilzerian is one of those fake seducers (all the women around him are paid). This is not seduction, and these people have no knowledge of seduction.

Bahtiyar decided to build an online course that will provide men of all ages, nationalities, races, religions, and incomes with the knowledge of the real art of seduction. This course will help you build genuine relationships with women (and won’t need o pay these women for relationships). If you want to buy women with money, you can always do it. But if you want to become a real womanizer and seducer, then, you will need to learn the science.

Bahtiyar doesn’t promote the idea of easy seduction similar to PUA (fake stuff that mainly relies on correct words and sentences). Bahtiyar is a realist, and his approach to seduction is very thorough, meticulous, and serious. Seduction is the game of minds, and you need to be smart to prevail in this game. Therefore, he emphasizes a lot of attention at your intellectual development.

Secondly, women are very visual, and as you know, the first impression creates impact upon people’s perception about you. Therefore, Bahtiyar also recognizes the huge importance of your appearance in the art of seduction.

These are the reasons why intellectual and physical self-perfection are also included in the course.

Actually, nobody in this world can tell you about your destiny, future success or failure. However, if you will strictly and seriously follow all the tips and insights given in this online course, we promise that you will become smarter, more attractive and seductive, and finally, you will have a lot of success with women.

The level of your achievements will depend on your understanding of the science. Also, your desire to improve and get better play a very significant role in your outcomes.

If you paid for this course, you will be able to watch it on any device: desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone, or anything else that has a screen and connection to the Internet.

Videos in this course are HD. We wanted to provide you with high-quality video and professional audio, and therefore, some of the videos are quite heavy (1 GB, 1.2 GB). You will need to have a good Internet connection to comfortably stream the videos.

If you pay for the course, you will get instant access to all the course curriculum and videos. You can watch the videos whenever and wherever you wish. You can even access your account after 5 years, and still watch it again. You will get a lifetime access to this online course.

If you paid for this course, you will be able to watch it on any device: desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone, or anything else that has a screen and connection to the Internet.

Videos in this course are HD. We wanted to provide you with high-quality video and professional audio, and therefore, some of the videos are quite heavy (1 GB, 1.2 GB). You will need to have a good Internet connection to comfortably stream the videos.

It takes a lot hard work, experience, knowledge, and of course, a lot of time to create such a professional online course. Therefore, we took all the necessary steps to prevent piracy and distribution of the videos. This course is highly encrypted, and therefore, you won’t be able to download the videos, nor will you be able to get the links of the videos.

What is more, distribution of this course is legally prohibited. If you bought this online course, it is strictly for your sole use. Any types of public streams are legally punishable.

If you have any types of technical problems with the course which is very unlikely (access problems, login problems, streaming problems, or anything else), we will quickly resolve these issues for you.

We are selling this course with an already discounted price. The value of this online course is in its power to fully transform and upgrade the quality of your life. People pay and waste fortunes to become better and happier. Oppositely, this life-changing online course is available for a small amount off money. The value it provides to you is 1000 times more than its small price.

What is more, we are aware of digital pirates who pay for a course, then, copy or record the course, and finally, demand the money back, As you understand, if you help someone, people should thank you for your help, but not misuse your good attitude. This is one of the reasons why free trial and money-back guarantee are not provided.

Sure, when you buy the course, you will get Bahtiyar’s personal Whats App number. You can message him and get business, fitness, life, or dating recommendations from him personally. He will generously provide you with the newest and most effective insights and recommendations on any issue you are concerned with.

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When you choose Patreon as a payment option, you will be redirected to this course’s official Patreon page. On the page, you can buy this course using your credit card, or PayPal.

Patreon is a monthly subscription-based service. Don’t worry! As soon as you pay, we will cancel your next subscription, and you will be charged a one-time payment.

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