womenWhen you grow older, you definitely become more cynical. I would say that cynicism is a synonym of realism. So older you get, more realistic you will become. Cynicism is just a form of a too direct realism. People who are too direct and frank are usually called as cynical individuals. Am I cynical? No, I am not. However, I am a realist.

My thoughts, worldview, ideas, and principles have changed. In my 20ies, I was an absolutely another person. I have different goals, intentions, positions, and etc. Todays, I am an absolutely different person. During my teenage years, I was thinking that love exists. Today, I still believe in love. However, I am very critical towards this concept. A real true love is a very rare thing. Everyone loves you when you are successful and rich. Everyone wants to get a piece from your fame-pie. So don't be amazed when you are loved during your happy days. You are loved as long as you are rich and prosperous. When your life becomes worse, you will see whose love towards you is real. If someone loves you when you are ill and poor, then, this person really loves you. However, I bet that nobody except your parents and maybe some relatives will be with you when you are in a bad situation.

We all talk about love between men and women. We have such as a thing called 'marriage'. I am really very skeptical when someone says that a woman "loves". In this blog post, I want to express my opinion regarding a woman's love. Does she really love a man? Whom do women really love? What they really want from you? These are the questions I always contemplate about. In this article, I will make an in-depth analysis of a female soul.  


domestic violenceLet me describe you Interesting things that will make you look at this world more realistically. Especially, you will learn a true nature of a female soul.

I know a woman who is married. She is in her early thirties. She has three small kids. Two of them study in a school, and the smallest one goes to a kindergarten. This woman is beautiful enough. Her husband is a businessman who provides her and her children with everything necessary. What is more, she and her children have even more than they need. I can say that they are rich enough. However, there is one problem in this girl's life. Her husband beats her very frequently. Sometimes, he drinks. So when he is drunk, he will definitely beat her very hard. He punches her face and head. The woman covers her face with her hands while he is attacking her. This does not prevent his punches from reaching her head and face.

Would a normal woman live with a husband who severely beats her? If I was a woman, I would definitely hate a man who even cursed at me once. In this case, this girl keeps living with her violent husband. She bears the domestic violence. So does this woman love her wild husband? I bet she doesn't. However, she is put in a situation where she has to tolerate his aggression in order to get provision for herself and her children. His financial resources keep this woman attached to him even though she beats her like a punching bag. She has a second choice. She can divorce her stupid husband at any time. However, in this situation, she won't be able to get resources for herself and her children. Therefore she chooses to be beaten from time to time in order to enjoy that luxury lifestyle she has.

As we see woman are very adaptive creatures. They can adapt anywhere and anytime. They can even live with wild animals who treat them as preys.

Here is a second interesting thing I always observe in our life. Women marry ugly but rich men. I usually talk to them about this phenomena. I ask: "How could you marry this ugly man?" How can you bear his ugliness? You will sleep with him every night. I would die rather than live with an ugly woman.


financial resourcesYou, as a man, might think that women are attracted to your looks and your sexual performance in bed. This is true. They love handsome and sexy men. However, when it comes to serious relationships, building a family, and other stuff, women will need only your resources. This is absolutely true. If you are an ugly beast with loads of money, you will be a good choice as long as you are able to provide financial resources for her and her offspring. Women don't care whether you have six-pack abs, muscles, and etc. They merely want to exploit you in long terms. Women want only your resources. As soon as you are not able to provide for her and her offspring, she will get rid of you. This might sound cynical, however, this is true. In long terms, women need men only in a role of financial providers. This reminds me of parasites who suck blood from their prey.

I am not married yet, and I am not even thinking about uniting my life with a woman. Even if I fall in love with someone, I will be extremely careful when it comes to marriage. I will never bear selfish or exploitative attitudes. I hope this article will be very helpful to you. I am sure the majority of my male readers will agree with all the above-said things. Please, leave your comments!

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.