wonderful benefits of readingAll of us have different hobbies and they are part of our life. It is very important to choose a hobby that is very beneficial. Our hobbies should develop and enhance our intellect. Time is gold. This famous statement is not arguable. My favorite hobby is reading. I enjoy reading and I think that it is one of the most beneficial activities in our life. Knowledge is a base of every success and books are the best sources to obtain new information. I have chosen reading as my favorite hobby for many reasons. Let me tell you about some of them.


As I have mentioned before, books give us an opportunity to obtain new knowledge. Some of you may say that it is possible to learn something by watching educational films or listening to audiobooks. Let us analyze this statement in detail. It is possible to learn something while you are watching a scientific film or listen to a good audiobook. How much time do you spend watching a single scientific film? Nearly one hour and thirty minutes. During this film, you gain some knowledge. At the same time, how many pages can you read in one hour and thirty minutes? If you read one page in two minutes, one hour and thirty minutes will let you read forty-five pages. The amount of information you obtain from reading a book cannot be comparable to the amount of information that you gain while watching a film. If we write all the text which we hear during a film on paper, this information may equal to a single page. In some cases, it may be two pages. So reading a book for one hour and thirty minutes lets you read forty-three pages of different useful information, and watching a film at the same time gives you only one or two pages of knowledge. It is clear that reading is more beneficial than watching films if you aim to obtain new knowledge. When you listen to an audiobook usually the speed of the speech you hear is very slow. Thus, you may waste your time, while reading lets you choose your own speed as you want.

These small comparisons make us clear that reading is the best method to obtain new knowledge. It is more effective and productive than watching films or listening to different audiobooks. There is no doubt that new knowledge is the most important benefit of reading. 


New scientific researches have shown that reading is the best way to get rid of your stress. Reading helps us to relax. A few minutes of reading considerably reduces our stress. You can always identify a person who is a fan of reading by his calm and relaxed behavior. The process of reading impacts our neurons and lets us reduce our depression. When you read a book, you feel yourself like a hero of a romance that you read. When your reality is terrible and you are not able to change any of your life circumstances, the best way for you is to read a good book. Thus, you will dive into worlds of fantasies, dreams, and anything else which is related to the topic of your book.  Hence, you don’t need to visit different psychologists and psychotherapists to resolve your problems. All you need is your favorite books.  


One of the most important advantages and benefits of spending your time reading is that this hobby enhances your speech. So how is it important to have good conversational skills in our life? How do you make your personal impression about a person? The first thing that you pay attention to his clothes and the way he looks. The second most significant thing is his speech. The speech of a person shows us his educational, cultural, and intellectual levels. Good talking skills are the best tools to make a good impression on people. Your conversational abilities are very efficient to influence your business partners and colleagues. Your speech is very important in your business career. If you are a women-liker, you already know that beautiful, sexy-sounding speech is the best way to seduce a woman.   


Since reading is the best way of obtaining knowledge, it makes you a well-read person in a short period of time.  You become more knowledgeable in different fields when you read books in different niches. This statement is absolutely clear.  So what is the role of being well-read in our modern time? Being a well-read person makes you influential. You always can make a good impression on a person when he sees your wide knowledge in different fields. Some people may say that being knowledgeable is not important anymore because there are such knowledge bases like Quora, Google, and other resources. So let me clarify that sometimes you may be in different life situations when you have no access to the Internet and you are not able to find an answer to your questions. Your personal knowledge which you store in your brain is extremely important in these situations. You won’t look up the Internet when you speak with a person. Imagine that you want to make a good impression on a woman during your conversation. Will Quora or Google help you on this occasion? Definitely, no! You need to store your knowledge in your mind. This is the best way to become more impressionable. Some people may say that it is possible to become well-read if you watch TV much. This thought is very desirable. Every video project had the aim to make a visual effect on a watcher and therefore they do not intend to provide you with big amounts of text information. Watching TV is the worst way to become a well-read personality. 


Reding is the best teacher that can enhance your analytical skill and abilities. While reading a book, you analyze the subject of this book, and hence, you develop your analytical skills. Reading detectives is the best method if your particularly aim to become a good analyzer and thinker. It does not matter what kind of books you read – all of them teach you thinking. Some types of books require more analytical abilities and some books are very easy to read.  How important are analytical skills in our daily life? These skills have an extreme significance in every field of our life activity. You need to be a perfect analytic in order to become a good businessman. There is no doubt that you will need to analyze while making business. Good intellectual and analytical skills will help you to predict a possible situation in the business market. If your aim is to build some communicational connections with people, you will certainly need to analyze their personalities and temperaments.     


Every book has unique and unrepeatable information. While you gain new knowledge, your horizons increase and you learn many new things. When you read books, you learn different things about geographical places, historical personalities, and events, different facts. Hence, your whole life starts changing. Sometimes you find out new life and business opportunities for yourself. You become more open-minded and get rid of such parochial things as radicalism, nationalism, and other silly and dangerous ideas that make our lives terrible. 

These were few benefits of reading which can be mentioned in a blog post. The benefits of reading are infinite and it is impossible to list all of them in a short article. 

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.