my work on this blogI launched this blog for a variety of different purposes. I have heard loads of things about blogging. Blogging is the most popular movement that exists on the Internet. One of the most attractive sides of blogging is its monetization opportunities. When your blog becomes popular, you have all abilities to make money blogging. There is no need to describe all the advantages and benefits of blogging. I had a lot of reason to start blogging. When I write, I forget about my daily problems. It is necessary to be busy with something. When we are not busy, we think too much. Exceedingly long considerations will not benefit anyone. We start thinking and reminding ourselves about the terrible things that happened to us in past. The best way to get away from these awful thoughts is to preoccupy yourself with something meaningful. 

Here is the list of the stages I went through to have this blog built.  


Before building this website, I read a lot about blogging. I learned about the advantages and disadvantages of blogging. I visited famous blogging websites such as ProBlogger. I read tips and recommendations of experienced bloggers. Thus, I studied all pros and cons of blogging.


At the start, I identified the main niches of my future blog. Firstly, I decided to dedicate my blog to travel. However, I realized that I have a lot of experience in online business, and additionally, I have a lot of knowledge in different sciences. Thus, I decided to make my blog universal. Nevertheless, the main themes of my blog are travel, online business, personal development, and sex.  


The design of your blog is crucial to the success of your blogging activity. There are so many beautiful websites which I visit just because they are very good-looking. As you see, my blog has an awesome appearance. It suits my personality. The theme is very serious, stylish, and glamorous. It is very important to choose yourself the theme that will make you happy when you look at it. I chose myself the best theme that exists on the Internet. I am absolutely satisfied with the look of my blog. Thus, the process of blogging is a pure pleasure for me. You should love your website in order to make it successful. 


Most of the bloggers launch their websites, and then, they write new posts day by day. I did not want to do the same thing. I wanted my blog to be ready when I present it to the online community. Before purchasing a domain name and a hosting plan, I spend a whole month simply writing my posts. None of the bloggers will suggest you to do the same thing. I also do not recommend you to do that. My initial plan was to write 10 good posts every day. First two days, I could successfully fulfill my intentions. Then, I realized that it is almost impossible to write 10 long articles every day. Thus, I reduced my plan to approximately 7 or 8 good posts on a daily basis. In the end of the month, I got nearly 230 profound articles covering themes on travel, business, personal development, and sex. When my posts were ready, I purchased my domain name, a yearly hosting plan, and the theme that you currently see on my blog. 


I had 230 posts that were needed to be edited. Imagine yourself 230 long posts with a total count of nearly 260 000 words. I needed to edit them. Oh my GOSH, that was tremendously difficult. I do not trust any automatic editing tools, and therefore, I decided to edit them manually. It was a huge task for me. I spent 9 days merely editing my posts.


That was the most difficult stage that I had to go through to have my blog ready. Just imagine, I had to publish 230 blog posts. Moreover, I had to find 230 suitable photos for the articles. Additionally, I needed to optimize my articles and images for SEO. It was a tremendously complicated task.    

Today, you see a gorgeous blog filled with loads of different articles on various topics. However, you do not realize the amount of hard work I had to do in order to have this blog ready for your use. There are loads of bloggers who do not treat their blogs enough seriously. Some of them may launch blogs using Blogspot or Livejournal. Thus, they are satisfied by their blogging activity. I did not want to follow their path, and for that reasons, I made titanic efforts to build a great blog that will definitely outrun other popular resources. 

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.