worst countries for sex travelSex travel is loved by men worldwide. There are also loads of women who travel for sex. What are the most significant benefits of sex travel? First of all, let me tell you that sex plays one of the most significant roles in our life. The quality of your life may be measured by the quality of your sexual life. You may have everything in this world, but if you are not sexually satisfied, you definitely won’t be happy. Opportunities in our own countries and cities are very limited. Some of us may live in conservative countries, and therefore, his sexual life is strongly restricted by the local laws. The government ideology and religion are the most influential factors that limit the intimate life of its citizens. Living in a megapolis may be more interesting because it contains people of different nationalities and races. What should you do if you live in a mono-national country? What if you dislike women in your native country? What if you want to make sex with a black girl but your small city does not have a single black woman? Thus, your sexual choices will be very narrow. Women of the same nationality are usually very similar to each other. Their sexual mentality and preferences in bed may not vary too much. Italian women are considered to be the most passionate women in the world. Asian women are more tender than American and European women. Brazilian women are extremely hot. Women in Latin America usually have great butts. Our world is versatile and it offers you a great variety of sexual diversity. 

When sex in your own city or country is not satisfactory, you will start searching for new emotions and feelings abroad. You sexual life may be good, but a man always wants to taste something new. These are the main reasons why men are so inclined to sex tourism. 

There are oodles of countries that offer you great sex opportunities. These places are very democratic and liberal. It is necessary to keep in mind that there are loads of conservative and parochial countries where your sexual life will be terrible. Most of these countries are Muslim countries. Religious ideas restrict people from being sexually liberal. It is safer not to visit these countries for sexual purposes. I have prepared the list of the worst countries for sex travel. Learn more about them and do not visit them in order to have a great sex. 


afghani womenA person must be a fool to go to Afghanistan for sexual adventures. It sounds very funny. The Afghanian nation is very kind, generous and sincere. They are very simple. However, there may be some moments when they may become wild. If you are a Muslim, you will be highly welcomed and appreciated in this country. You should know that their ideology and world-view is based on the text of the Holly Qoran. Consequently, a Muslim from this country will love Muslims and hate non-Muslims. If you visit a very conservative country, you should remember this rule. Muslims from these regions won’t be too friendly if you are a non-Muslim. Women in Afghanistan are not even visible outside their houses. I have never been to Afghanistan. Though, I have some friends who made business there. All of them tell me that it is very rare when you can see a woman there. Religious behavior of Afghani people may rich tremendous degrees of radicalism. Men are very jealous in this region, and for that reason, they never let their women go somewhere alone. You still have some chances to have sex with local women in Saudi Arabia, but forget about sex journeys in Afghanistan. Your ideas may be very dangerous for you. Ther are no prostitutes in Afghanistan. Afghani people prefer to die from poverty rather than earn some money by doing forbidden and sinful things. Women, there may need money, but she will never fornicate with you. As you know, technologies are not developed in that region and therefore you may forget about online dating services and chats. You won’t find a single woman to have a live communication in Afghanistan. The inability to make sexual contacts with women spreads a high level of homosexuality in this region. It is well known that there are loads of gays in Afghanistan. Homosexuals in this country may dislike men but gay sex is the only available option for them. The same thing happens in other countries that restrict communications between men and women. Look at Pakistan and India. There are thousands of homosexual in these countries. Men have no other choice. They want to make sex but women are not available, and therefore, they can only make sex with men. After some time they get addicted to homosexuality and enjoy it. The homosexual relationship is strictly restricted in Afghanistan, and hence, it remains to be a great secret between two gays. If someone spots that you have some communications with local women, you may loose your life. Afghani people do not afraid of their government, law, or the USA. They will merely kill you if they think that you deserve it. These people do not think too much when it comes to killing non-Muslims. Give them a reason and they will kill you with a great pleasure. 

Afghanistan is the worst country for sex travel. I put it in the first place and I am sure that all of you will agree with my decision. Sex travel in this country is not only impossible – it is extremely dangerous!


saudi womenThe Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the strictest Sunni Muslim country in the world. You may find loads of different countries in the world calling themselves as Muslim countries. The reality is that not all of them are Muslim countries. If I have no billion dollars but I call myself a billionaire, will I be considered to be a billionaire? Of course no. The same things happen with the countries that call themselves Muslim countries, but in reality, they know nothing about Islam. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a real Muslim country. This kingdom implements all laws of Shariah. Islamic scholars have a great authority in this country. Women fully close their faces and some of them wear hijabs. Men wear national Arab clothes and headwears. Ther is no need to tell you everything about this country. You already know how rich it is. Let us discuss our main topic.

I put this country on the second place in the list of the worst countries for sex travel. I have several significant reasons and factors that will prove my choice. It is absolutely impossible to make a live contact with a woman in Saudi Arabia. Women and men are placed in different zones everywhere, in this country. If you go to a restaurant or to a café, you will sit in the zone where only men sit. You won’t even see any women there. The same thing happens in buses and other types of transportation. Do not even try to speak with a woman somewhere on streets or trade centers. Women may like it, but they won’t communicate with you because they are afraid of the society. Their mentality does not resemble the mentality of American or European women. You may think of making some contacts with Saudi women somewhere on online dating services and chats. You may make some success in the cyberspace, but be sure that your communication won’t go further. Fornication is officially forbidden by the law of the Kingdom. A fornicator may be either publically hit or even killed if four people witness his fornication. Saudi Arabia is the most conservative Muslim and Arab country in the world. Muslims in this country do not resemble Muslims from other Arab countries. They are extremely conservative.Local men and women do not date before the marriage. This may seem to be very weird for a western person, but people in this country are addicted and satisfied by its laws, customs, and traditions. Even if you make a contact with a woman online, you won’t be able to make sex with her in a hotel. You will need to prove the hotel staff that she is you wife in order to have her in your hotel room. It is possible to make sex with her in a car, or somewhere in a remote place. However, it may be your dreams. Let me tell you how a Muslim woman thinks. First of all, you should remember that Muslims in Saudi Arabia do not resemble other Muslims around the world. Their beliefs and ideas are very strict. Qoran is the main law for them. People in this country usually hate non-Muslims. They do not resemble arabs from Dubai or Kuwait. An Arab from Dubai may befriend you. UAE is a liberal country. It may not be truly democratic, but it is liberal. People of all confessions live in UAE and they also have their temples. I strongly doubt that there is a single church or a synagog in Saudi Arabi. There may be some, but I am not sure. Let us imagine what will local women in Saudi Arabia think about you. They do not need you indeed. A Philippinian girl may be attracted to your money, but a Saudi girl has tons of money, and she does not need your bucks. Secondly, Saudi women will treat you as a kafir (a non-believer). Thus, they will heartily hate you. Do not even hope that some of them will want to make sex with you. Finally, let me tell you about one of the most significant reasons why sex travel in Saudi Arabi is the worst idea that may come to your mind. Most of the Saudi women are cut. Their vulvar lips are cut from their early childhood. Some of them have their clitorises cut. The female circumcision reduces their passion and lust. Saudi government encourages these operations because it believes that cut women are more obedient and less lusty than uncut ones. I have never made sex with a cut woman and I really don’t want to do it. Can you imagine a woman without a clitoris? I will definitely dislike a woman who hasn’t got a sweet cherry under her hood. Cut women are not horny, and thus, your sexual hunting won’t have any success in Saudi Arabia.   

I think that I have given you enough useful information in order to save your time and efforts. Do not waste your time in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is definitely the worst country for sex travel. However, if you want to make some experiments, you may come there and try to seduce some women. Nothing is absolute in this world, and therefore, you still may have some success in this region. 


korean womenSome readers might think that I’d better put North Korea in the first place, but let me tell you about the reasons that made me place it on the third order. I really did not want to include North Korea in the list of the worst countries for sex travel because it is clear for everyone that North Korea is the worst country for searching sex journeys. I mean everyone knows about it. Traveling in North Korea may be dangerous itself even if you do not look for something sexy in this country. Therefore, nobody thinks of having sex there. Would you like to travel to North Korea? I would not do it because I think that it may be very dangerous for my physical freedom or my life. Usually, smart people have clever eyes, and thus, they usually look very suspicious. I may also look very suspicious of their government. Some people think that I am a spy because I am a good psychologist and I am very attentive and insightful. These qualities may be suspicious in different regions of the world. North Korea is one of the most dangerous countries in the world. I am sure that a foreigner won’t be alone in this country. There will always be someone who will spy on him. I really don’t know anyone who has made sex in Korea. I strongly doubt that there are any prostitutes in this communistic country.  Neighbours afraid of their own neighbors in North Korea because all of them may be potential spies and betrayers. 

If you are extremely risky and curious guy, I would like to suggest you to do the following things. You should understand that you will need to spend enough time in North Korea in order to seduce a local woman. The government won’t let you remain in the country for a long period of time with no serious purpose. If you are a scientist or the specialist who is preoccupied with a North Korean project, you may have some reasons to live in that country for a long period of time. If you can do that, you may seduce someone there. It won’t be easy because women in that country are very conservative. Eastern videos, movies, and web resources are not allowed in North Korea. Consequently, their behavior won’t be open-minded or sexually liberal. You will need some time to deserve a trust from a North Korean girl. I think it will take you at least one month in order to persuade her to make sex with you. I am sure that you will be able to find an appropriate and hidden place to have sex in North Korea. 

Remember that the girl you are trying to seduce may be a potential government spy. Your sexual hints may be dangerous for you. If the government finds out about your lusty behavior, you may have serious problems. This country is the most radical country in the world. North Korea is the biggest outcast on the international arena. Its government ignores all international laws and organizations.They won’t care if you are US or EU citizen. North Korea does not afraid of the USA and if you are imprisoned in that radical country, only GOD may help you. Your government will be powerless, and therefore, I suggest you to be very cautious if you decided to make a sex travel in North Korea. 


pakistani womenPakistan is very similar to Afghanistan. These two countries are neighbors. Their cultures and  national mentalities resemble each other. Pakistan is an Islamic country. All the laws in this country are regulated by Shariah (Islamic law system). People in this region are very religious and conservative. Most of them study at religious schools. Their behavior and lifestyle are strictly regulated by the Holly Qoran. This country is less strict than Afghanistan. Pakistan is more developed than Afghanistan, and therefore, you will have more chances to find someone in this country. Pakistani people are very active users of the Internet. Try to find some girls on different dating sites and chats. Build a good communication and suggest her to date. Women in Pakistan are more liberal than Afghani girls. I doubt that you will able to have sex with someone in a hotel because its staff won’t let you do it. You will need to prove that a woman is your wife. However, there are always other options such as making sex in a car or in a forest. Use your imagination and you may find some appropriate solutions. Be aware that local men dislike foreigners and especially American and European men. Your communications with local women may become very dangerous for your life. Do not walk away with them on streets and do not be publically flirtatious. You will see local men looking at you with evil eyes. The national mentality of Pakistani men is not too different from Afghani people. If they suspect you in fornication with a local woman, they will kill you. They won’t think about the official law and police. Killing is very simple for them, especially when they become wild of jealousy. Homosexuality is widely spread in Pakistan. When women are not sexually liberal, men do not have any other options. There are many horny women in Pakistan but their desires are restricted and censored by the society. You may have read the stories of different women living in Pakistan and India. They tell that they love sex and they want it, but they encounter loads of problems while having a sexually liberal life. Men in these regions disrespect lusty and horny women. Make some stealthy communications with Pakistani women and let them know that you belong to another culture and your worldview strongly different from the worldviews of the local men. Let her know that she can trust you, and you may seduce someone there. Pakistani women are not so conservative and beastly religious as Saudi women, and therefore, you have some chances for success in this region. 


iranian womenIran is a Shia Muslim country. People of Iran are not Arabs. They are Persians. Consequently, their national mentality does not resemble Arabic mentality. Iranians are less emotional than Arabs. Persian women are more liberal and communicative than Arabic women. Building a contact with them is very easy. This country’s law is based on Shariah (the Islamic law system). You should keep in mind that the IRI is not a Sunni Muslim country. Iran hates all Arab countries and all Arab countries hate Iran. Remember this saying and believe in it. Look at Persian history. This region was one of the sexiest regions in past. Persian women are very passionate and sexy. You should definitely taste them. I have loads of Iranian friends. People in Iran are more inclined to Eastern civilization. I have had lots of communications with Iranian citizens and most of them say that they do not support the government ideology. Eastern websites and TV channels are forbidden in Iran. However, its citizens use different stealthy tricks to avoid all kinds of government limitations. Keep in mind that people in Iran are not so religious as it might seem to you. A girl wearing a hijab may be the hottest lust in bed. Usually, the first impression is very deceiving. Do not be fooled by the first look. Women in Iran are very horny and lusty, but they afraid to show their desires. The community censorship is very strong in this republic. I have already tried different international dating resources that work in Iran. You may use Badoo to chat with Iranian girls. Firstly, build a serious communication with some of them. Iranian men suggested me to use a visual impression in order to seduce Iranian women. Rent a good car and drive Tehran in the evenings. Make live communications with girls on streets, restaurants, and other places. Iran is less strict than Saudi Arabia or Afghanistan. It is allowed for men and women to walk together in Iran. No one will restrict you. You may come closer to women and talk to them. Do not be shy. Do not afraid because it is not forbidden in the IRI. You will find that Iranian girls are very open-minded and liberal. Their vulval lips and clitorises are not cut, and therefore, they are also very horny and lusty. Do not hurry to make sex with some of them. It will take you a long time until you will be able to do it. 

Keep in mind that fornication is officially forbidden in the IRI, and as a result, make it stealthily, because otherwise, it may be dangerous for your freedom or even life.   


indian womenIndia may be a motherland of KAMASUTRA but it is not so sexy as it seems to be. KAMASUTRA was specially designed for married couples. As far as I know, fornication is forbidden by Hinduism. There are also many Muslims in India, and Islam also forbids any kinds of fornications. Both Muslims and Hinduists in India are enormously religious, and consequently, they afraid of adultery. Let me tell you that sex in India is possible. Firstly, there are loads of prostitutes in India. You may easily find them and their services won’t cost you too much. Usually, they have their own apartments, and therefore, you won’t worry about additional needs. There are dancers in temples who will also offer you sex services. You will be able to make sex in a temple with a professional dancer. Doesn’t it look very seductive? Ther are also transsexuals called “hijras”. These people are considered to be outcasts in Indian society. Indian shemales are not so beautiful as Asian ladyboys. However, if you are very thirsty of having sex, you may always use their services. Let me tell you that escort services are available in India but if you want to make sex with a non-prostitute girl, you will need to work very hard. Indian society is very conservative and any kinds of relations between men and women are not praised. Women in India afraid of the society. This country is very patriarchic, and therefore, women are very limited in their liberty. You will need to spend a lot of time in order to seduce an Indian woman and persuade her to make love with you. It may take you approximately one month. Making sex in Indian hotel may be a possible option but I am not sure that it will be possible. Nevertheless, you can always make sex in a car or in some remote areas. India is very large and it is full of different forests, jungles, and other exotic places. Drive your women there and have a great sex. 

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.