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writePeople like reading, and therefore, book writing is always actual. Physical books are not so popular as they were a couple of decades before. eBooks have simplified the whole process of reading. Today, you do not need to spend a lot of money in order to buy yourself books. Everyone can download digital books and read them on any electronic device or a book-reader. You may have plenty of reasons to write a book. Usually, beginning writers want to check their talents and writing is a mere hobby for them. There are also loads of people who write professionally. Writing may be a very profitable business. Writers make tons of money selling their books on Amazon and other online stores. Digital books are sold better than physical ones. The process of book writing is not too sophisticated and you will be able to do it with a great ease. I am a writer and I have already published several books in digital and physical formats. It is not tremendously difficult to do it. I decided to write this blog post because I realize the fact that there are lots of people who are eager to write and publish their first book.


Decide what kind of book you want to write. If you are a specialist in a particular profession, you may want to deliver and share your knowledge with your potential readers. You might not be a professional but if you have a specific knowledge and experience in different fields, you may always use it to write a book. Let me tell you how did I start writing my books. I did not want to write a book on cooking, painting, medicine, dancing, fashion, and other fields because I am not a professional in these spheres. I would not be able to write a book on a niche which is unknown for me. What would I write if I decided to write a book on parenting? I am not a parent and I have no children. How could I write a good book on a topic that is entirely indefinite for me? It would be really impossible. Sometimes you may have a few theoretical knowledge in a specific niche and at the same time, you may not have any experience in this field. Would you be able to write a good book in this situation? Yes, surely you may succeed if you have enough theoretical knowledge. However, it is better to choose a topic which you are practically familiar with. I wrote two books. One of them was dedicated to business, international lifestyle, sex geography, banking, finance, and philosophy. I planned to make that book universal and therefore I collected huge branches of different themes in one book. Pay attention to the fact that even though my book consists of different topics, I have chosen only those themes which I know very well. It is a ridiculous idea to write about something that you have no idea of. My second book was dedicated to the art of seduction. I have enough practical experience and a lot of theoretical knowledge in this field. My choice was successful because I have chosen a niche that is very interesting for me. Additionally, I was familiar with this topic. This is how you should choose a topic for your future book. Do not plan to write about something that you are not interested in. If your book is professional or a scientific one, you will need to write about the things that are well-known to you. 

Writing a fiction book may be easier. You do not have to be a professional or a scientist in order to write a good fiction book. The capacity of your imagination is the most important factor that will let you write a good fiction book. Your fantasy will be your knowledge. Usually, people who prefer reading fiction books, won’t demand any scientific and professional knowledge from a writer. When I buy a scientific book, I aim to obtain some useful information and knowledge from it. This is my main objective. I do not read a scientific book  in order to entertain myself. This situation changes when we read fictions books. A fiction book may not include any practical knowledge, but as long as it is exciting and interesting, we will enjoy reading. Everyone is capable of writing a fiction book. Even a child who has a good imagination and fantasy may write a good fiction book. 

Analyze yourself and your knowledge. Do you have any professional or scientific knowledge to share with your potential readers? If you have it. you may start writing a non-fiction book. If you have no specific knowledge, you should decide to write a fiction book. These types of books won’t demand any professional experience and therefore the whole process of writing will be very simple for you.


If you plan to write a professional non-fiction book, you will need to have a lot of information. Let us imagine that you plan to write a book about extroverts and introverts. What should be your first steps? Firstly, you will need to gather all the data and statistics that are connected with your theme. Make researches on the Internet. Go to a library and ask a librarian to give you all book which are related to your topic. Gather all the knowledge and information that you are able to find using different information sources. Thus, you will be able to write a profound book with a detailed analysis of your topic. Believe me that it is absolutely impossible to write a professional, a scientific non-fiction book without using some helpful references. 

While writing a nonfiction book, you may not need any additional data because this type of writing is fully dependant on your fantasy and imagination capabilities. It is easier to write non-fiction books because you won’t need to make any researches to gather scientific and professional information. 


Use your imagination in order to complete this step. Imagine in your mind how will your book be structured. Content will be at the beginning of your book. Further, you may write some introductory chapters. After that, you can write the main part of your book where you will share your most important thoughts and ideas. You will make a conclusion in the end of your book. Your book structure may be different from my description. You are a BOSS of your book and you may write it as you want. You may even write a conclusion in the beginning of your book. It will be very funny and rational. I do not suggest you to do it because it is very silly to write a conclusion in the beginning of your writing. 


Do not plan how many pages you will write. Start writing and write until your theme is fully exhausted. It is very difficult to begin something. If you have already completed the above-mentioned steps, you may start writing right now. I use Microsoft Words to write my books. There may be other tools that will help you in your writing. However, I prefer using Microsoft Words because it is very convenient for me to write and edit my text using it. You may have different preferences and you should choose something that may be more appropriate and suitable for you. Start writing and you will see how new ideas and thoughts start appearing in your conscience. You will find huge amounts of different information and knowledge which you were not aware of. You will see how it is easy to write after you start writing. Sometimes I cannot stop writing because I have so many ideas and thoughts to write about.

While writing a nonfiction book, you do not need to have a full scenario in your mind. Just start writing and continue. Plan to write at least five pages a day. Do not write more, because you may be easily exhausted. You may have some days when you do not have any thought to writing about. Remember that this situation is temporary. When I am in a bad mood I cannot write. I think that I have no ideas and information to write about. Sometimes I want to give up, but soon I realize that my bad mood was the main reason for my unwillingness. Having a melancholic mind condition sometimes may be very inspiring and helpful. In other situations, your melancholia may completely wipe out your writing plans. Pay attention to your disposition. Sometimes you may make yourself vacations and stop writing for a while. After some days you will recognize that you have enough inspiration to start writing again. 


I do not recommend you to choose a title for your book in the beginning of your project. Finish writing your book and then read it from the beginning to the end and decide what title will exactly represent the main idea and topic of your book. Sometimes we may choose a title, but when we write a book, we start recognizing that the main idea of it does not fit its title. It is easier to change your title than the whole text of your book. 



This step is very significant. Your text should be ideal. It must be free of spelling and grammar mistakes. If you are not professional in the English language, you will need to hire a good editor. Go to Fiverr and hire someone there. There are a lot of professional proofreaders and editors on Fiverr. I know some people from TIME magazine who offer their services on FIVERR. Some people may tell you that real professionals do not waste their time on Fiverr. This saying is not true. Fiverr is one of the most popular freelance services on the Internet, and therefore, it is the best place for professionals to sell their services online. Giving your text for proofreading is exceedingly important. Readers appreciate books that are good written and are free from diverse spelling and grammar mistakes. Do not intend to fix all errors yourself because it would be better if you use services of professional editors. 


Amazon and CreateSpace offer you free cover building tools. There are oodles of other websites that offer the same services. Some of them are free and others are premium. I can definitely suggest you not to use Amazon’s and other free cover building services. If you have no money to pay for a professional book cover, you may use free services. Keep in mind that these free tools are very limited and your book cover won’t look very attractive and professional. It is very easy to identify a book cover which was created using free cover building tools. Professional designers will create you a gorgeous book cover that will be eye-catching. Some people underestimate the importance of having a good book cover. Readers pay attention to attractive covers and it is more likely that they will buy a beautiful book. You may always hire a good designer on Fiverr. Their prices are very low. For 10 or 15 dollars you will get a good book cover on Fiverr.


Amazon is the best way to self-publish your book. Go to Amazon, set your title, description, upload your text file and cover. Set your price and start selling. Usually, it takes less than 24 hours for Amazon to review and approve your book. If your text is original and you have not copied it from somewhere, Amazon will certainly approve your application and your book will be available for sale. Go to CreateSpace and do the same thing. CreateSpace lets you publish physical books. Thus, your book will be available in both digital and physical formats. Amazon and CreateSpace are the best online portals to sell your books. There are loads of other services like SmashWords, BookTango, Lulu, and others. However, I do not use them. Amazon and CreateSpace are enough for me and I make good sales through these two channels. 

Writing and publishing a book is not difficult. Though, if you want to sell your books and have a serious profit, you will need to take additional actions. Promoting and advertising your books are the best tools that will let you boost your sales.      

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.