writing contentI am not a much experienced blogger. I am new in this movement. I have been blogging for only two months. Nevertheless, I already know about all advantages and disadvantages of blogging. First of all, I want to state that blogging is a very time-consuming activity.  

During these two months of blogging, I realized that writing your content is the easiest and the fastest stage in the whole process of blogging. If you have already read my previous posts on blogging, you already know how I worked on this awesome blog. I dedicated a whole month merely writing my articles. Thus, in one month, I wrote at least 250 incredible posts on various topics. It was really easy to find new blog ideas and write my content. Sometimes, I was really exhausted. Hence, I was unable to find something to write about. I thought that blogging is really very difficult because it is very difficult to find new blog ideas after you have written a lot. These were my initial conclusions. 

Further, I started realizing that writing your posts is the easiest stage in the whole process of blogging. Editing your posts is the most meticulous procedure in blogging. When you write an article, you do it very fast. You merely look at your keyboard and type your text. Writing is very easy. All bloggers do suggest editing your text before you have written all your material. I also do not suggest doing that for a variety of diverse reasons. Firstly, you should write all of your blog posts, and then, edit them one by one.  Editing your texts is the most difficult that exists in blogging. If you spend 30 minutes writing a post, you will spend at least one-hour editing it. There is no an auto-editing tool that could make your texts perfect. Even Grammarly misses some of your mistakes. Thus, manual editing becomes essential when it comes to the grammatical quality of your posts. Manual editing requires a lot of patience and attention. You need to read each sentence very carefully to recognize grammar and spelling mistakes. While writing, you do not emphasize your attention at your text. You merely type it and you do not think too much. Editing is a more demanding procedure. 

After some time, you will adapt yourself to all difficulties of blogging. Beginning bloggers rush to write and publish as many posts as possible. However, the quantity of your content is not too important. It is better to emphasize your attention at the quality of your writing. Do not rush to publish hundreds of diverse articles. It is not the key to becoming a successful blogger. 

Be sober and persistent. These qualities are necessary for the blogging activity.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.