writingThere are loads of different blog posts on the web where bloggers compare blogging with ebooks writing. These are two different things.  While blogging, you give your content and information for absolutely intending to attract more people to your web property, and then, monetize their visits. This is how blogs make money online. Everyone knows it very well. Writing an ebook, you gathered a lot of useful and interesting information in one book, and then you sell it. It is like taking dozens of your blog’s posts and combining them into a single book.

I have not published new blog posts for a quite long period of time. During these days, I was thinking about new forms of online businesses. Also, I have written three new books dedicated to blogging, SEO, and foreign languages. Very soon, they will be published. Also, I was editing and fixing my previously written books. During these processes, I was thinking and comparing ebooks writing with blogging. Mainly, I was analyzing their financial attractiveness. Also, I was considering the time necessary for both of the above mentioned online activities. In the result, I made some wise conclusions. Right now, I will my new thoughts to you.


It is not a secret that building a blog requires a lot of dedication and time. Of course, you can set your blog in a day. However, you will need several months in order to pack your blog with some content. Without any content, your blog will look like a blank page. Content is the main mechanism of every blog. Nonetheless, I am absolutely sure that content is not the main factor that is mainly responsible for the financial success of your blog. You can publish thousands of brilliant blog posts and still get unnoticed on the web. Even though there is no specific texts length specified by Google, the majority of professional bloggers and SEO specialists recommending writing articles that are at least 800 words long. What is more, the average length of the best-ranked blog posts is about 2000 – 3000 words long, or even more. Hence, you will definitely try to write long and more detailed articles that will require a lot of time. An informative blog post might take two or three hours of writing. If you plan to write a 4000 words-long article, this will require a whole day to be accomplished.

It is not a secret that content creation is the main purpose of every blog. Having a lot of content on your blog will increase your chances to get your blog noticed. When your blog is famous and popular, you will find loads of different monetization opportunities. Therefore, both amateur and professional bloggers emphasize their efforts and time at content creation. Suppose a serious blog should have approximately 500 blog posts. Of course, there are loads of money-spinning web resources that have only fifty or hundred blog posts. However, I am still assured that a blog should have at least a few hundreds of blog posts. Assuming you write one blog post every day, it might require almost two years packing your blog with 500 blog posts. Some days, you won’t be able to publish anything on your blog to your business. Thus, building a good-looking and informative blog requires a lot of time. The majority of us won’t have any free time to dedicate it to filling our blogs with high-quality content.


E-book writing is not as time-consuming as blogging. While writing an ebook, you won’t worry about publishing new content on a regular basis. Even if you write one page every day, in 3 months, you will already have 90 pages ready. This amount of pages is absolutely enough for a solid ebook. You do not have to overcomplicate your ebook with hundreds of pages. During a few days, I wrote 3 new books. They are not too long. Nevertheless, I was still able to fully express my thought and ideas in them. You should never worry about the length of your book. As long as it is informative and helpful, your readers will definitely like it. Even a 30-pages long ebook may be a good read. If you want to write a little bit longer book, after two months of daily writing, you will get a 60-pages long ebook.

Thus, ebooks writing is a less time-consuming business than blogging. Whilst building a good blog might require your several months or even years, you will be able to write a good ebook within a few months. If your time is very limited and you have no free hours to publish fresh content on your blog, ebooks writing will be the most suitable option for you.


No doubts, a popular blog can make thousands of dollars every day. If you look at income reports of famous bloggers, you will see them making hundreds of thousands of dollars every month. When your blog is very popular and thousands of people visit it on regular basis, you will definitely start making big passive income. There are loads of diverse options letting you monetize your blog. Affiliate marketing, advertisements, ads, and selling your services are some of the available methods to make money through your blog. When your blog starts getting huge web traffic, your passive income will start increasing. Also, you will find a lot of new ways to monetize your blog.

Theoretically, everything seems to be very easy and quick. Build a blog, fill it with some content, gather thousands of people on your web resource, and you will start making thousands of dollars. This is a simple theory. In practice, everything looks absolutely oppositely. In practice, it looks like this. Build a blog, spend hours on packing it with some high-quality content, and then, wait until someone discovers your blog on the Web. If you are lucky, some people will visit your blog. Otherwise, your masterpiece will remain to be dead on the Internet.

SEO requires a lot of time to start giving you some desirable results. As for social media marketing, you can get your social account deactivated, suspended, or blocked at any time. All these factors will lead to the lack of web traffic. If search engines and social networks do not provide you with some web traffic, you will never make money throughout your blog. Most of the bloggers had to be patient for several months in order to make their first cents blogging.

Finally, I can say that blogging is not an easy way to make money online. If your blog does not get thousands of visitors on a daily basis, you will not make any money out of it. Hence, if you plan to start blogging to make money, I will need to discourage you. It is not that easy to make money blogging as you might assume it to be.


If you want to make some money, selling books is one of the best alternatives existing nowadays. Write a great ebook, upload it to Amazon, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, and other popular online ebook stores, and start making money. Of course, nobody guarantees you anything in this business. However, if your book is enough good and you have some money to promote it, you will start making money soon as your book is published.

Selling ebooks does not require building a brand and acquiring huge web traffic. There are already loads of popular web platforms where you can sell your ebooks. I have already mentioned some of them. What is more, while selling ebooks, you won’t have to worry about any regularity. Once you publish your ebook, you will only need to promote it. Selling ebooks is one of the best ways to build a sustainable passive income online.


There are a lot of people who have already managed to monetize their blogs. While looking at these people, you might think that blogging is a good way to start making some big and quick money. Believe me or not, these are your first assumptions. Blogging has loads of different disadvantages and negative sides. It is very sad that most of the influential bloggers try to hide them. 85% of new bloggers give up blogging after a few months of tiresome writing, editing, and other stuff. For me, my blog is the platform that lets me establish my presence on the Web. At the same time, I do realize that making money blogging is a dreamful thing.

Making money out of selling books is a more realistic task. There are loads of famous websites that let you sell your books for absolutely free. What is more, writing and publishing an ebook does not require much time and efforts. What is more, while being involved in the ebook selling business, you will forget about other additional expenses such as web hosting, SEO, content marketing, and other blogging-related stuff.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.