you are now less dumb by david mcraney


you are now less dumb by david mcraney‘YOU ARE NOW LESS DUMB’ explores very tiny details of our brain’s functioning. No doubts, we realize and see only what our brains let us see. There is always a curtain in front of our conscience. We are unable to be conscious of absolutely everything happening around us. Billions of bits of information are passed through our brains every second. At the same time, we realize less than 100 bits of it. Thus, our brains always deceive us to make our life less complex. Self-delusion is one of the common things brains use to deceive their owners. The knowledge of these decisive brain tactics will definitely make you smarter. This is what exactly ‘YOU ARE NOW LESS DUMB’ is aimed to do.

In ‘YOU ARE NOW LESS DUMB’, David McRaney explores and explains such psychological tricks like Narrative Bias, The Common Belief Fallacy, The Benjamin Franklin Effect, The Post Hoc Effect, The Halo Effect, Ego Depletion, The Misattribution of Arousal, The Backfire Effect, Enclothed Cognition, and many other illusionary effects. The book will definitely make your smarter and more self-conscious.   

Written by Bahtiyar
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