your survival instinct is killing you by marc shoen


your survival instinct is killing you by marc shoen‘YOUR SURVIVAL INSTINCT IS KILLING YOU’ is both practical and very informative book. The book explains the way your brain functions. Throughout different impulses such as pleasure, pain, hunger, and fear, your brain motivates you to make different actions. Unfortunately, our brain was shaped during the time when modern conveniences were not existent. Therefore, its functions are not accommodated and adapted to our daily life. This factor causes a lot of terrible, and sometimes, even dangerous consequences such as depressions, obesity, physical disorders, and so on. 

In ‘YOUR SURVIVAL IS KILLING YOU’, Mr. Marc Shoen explains how exactly your brain works. He shows that very dissonance between that ancient software in your brain and the life you have now. Further, Dr. Marc Shoen shows how exactly you should behave in order to retrain your brain, to conquer fear, make better decisions, and finally, thrive in the 21st century. This is a highly positive ranked book. The book helped thousands of people to improve their lives. I wish you benefit from the reading!

Written by Bahtiyar
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